Title V Draft Permit

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company, Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station

State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality/Division of Air Quality
Draft Operating Permit

Chapter 6, Section 3(d)(ix) of the Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations provides, prior to final determination on an application for a Chapter 6, Section 3 operating permit, opportunity be given for public comment and public hearing on the information submitted by the owner or operator and on the draft permit. The regulation further requires such information be made available to the public and the public be allowed a period of thirty (30) days to submit comments. A public hearing will be conducted only if, in the opinion of the Administrator, sufficient interest is generated or if an aggrieved party requests a hearing within the 30 day public comment period.

Notice is hereby given on November 11, 2023 that the State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, proposes to issue a modified Chapter 6, Section 3 operating permit to the following applicant for the Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station in Laramie County, Wyoming:

Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company
P.O. Box 1400
Rapid City, SD 57709-1400

The Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station is located in Section 1, Township 13 North, Range 66 West, in Laramie County, Wyoming (approximately 5 miles east-southeast of Cheyenne in Laramie County, Wyoming). The facility is a natural gas powered electrical generation facility. The pollutants of primary concern from this facility are Particulate Matter (PM/PM10/PM2.5), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Greenhouse Gas equivalents (CO2e).

Chapter 6, Section 3 does not impose new substantive requirements on an air pollution source but does require sources subject to the Operating Permit Program obtain a renewable operating permit that clarifies in a single document which air quality requirements apply to the source and provides methods for assessing the source's compliance with those requirements.

This permit is being modified to incorporate requirements of a recently issued construction permit and remove emission units no longer authorized for construction. This modification reflects estimated decreases in yearly potential emissions of the following: 46 tons of particulate matter; 44 tons of PM10 particulate matter; 44 tons of PM2.5 particulate matter; 5.6 tons of SO2; 60 tons of NOx; 73 tons of CO; 33 tons of VOCs; 1 ton of hazardous air pollutants; 461,360 tons of CO2e; and 57 tons of Ammonia. Only the modified portions of the permit are open for public comment.

The Division's Operating Permit contact is Melissa Meares, Operating Permit Program Manager, Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002 at (307) 777-3784. Interested parties may examine the draft permit, permit application, and statement of basis for the permit at the Division's Cheyenne office. These documents are also available online at the Division’s website (https://openair.wyo.gov), utilizing facility ID F024912 and permit number P0036277 under permits. Arrangements can be made with the Division to copy relevant materials, if necessary (a fee will be assessed for reproductions).

Public comments or a request for a hearing must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. local time (Mountain) on December 11, 2023. Requests for a hearing shall be in writing and shall include the name and contact information of the person requesting the hearing, a brief statement identifying the purpose of the request, and a brief statement of the issues to be discussed. Written public comments or requests for a hearing should be directed to the Administrator, Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. The FAX number for the Division is (307) 635-1784. Comments may also be submitted electronically through the Division’s website (http://aq.wyomingdeq.commentinput.com). Comments or requests submitted by email will not be included in the administrative record. All written comments received by 5:00 p.m. local time (Mountain) on December 11, 2023 will be considered in arriving at a final determination on the issuance of this permit and will be retained in the Cheyenne office.

Para español, visite deq.wyoming.gov. Americans with Disabilities Act: special assistance or alternative formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities. Please provide at least fourteen (14) days before the close of the public comment period for such requests.