FMC Hazardous Waste Site #40.010 Permit Modification Public Notice

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

FMC Hazardous Waste Site #40.010 Permit Modification Public Notice

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) has reviewed the Permit Modification
Request (Modification Request) submitted by FMC Corporation (FMC) on May 06, 2022. The
Modification Request proposed to enter into a Remedy Agreement (RA) under the Voluntary
Remediation Program (VRP), and other necessary updates to the following sections of the Hazardous
Waste Permit: Waste Analysis Plan, Groundwater Protection Standard, Corrective Action Schedule,
Hazardous Waste Unit Landfill Maintenance Plan, Sampling Analysis Plans for the Groundwater
Compliance Program and Corrective Action, and the Monitoring Well Installation, Maintenance and
Closure Plan. The Former Kemmerer Coke Plant is located at 1733 Elkol Road, Kemmerer, Lincoln
County, Wyoming. The WDEQ determined the Modification Request is complete and technically
adequate. Based on the Modification Request, the WDEQ has completed a Draft Modified Permit.
Therefore, WDEQ is giving notice and soliciting comments from the public regarding the FMC Draft
Modified Permit. FMC currently conducts activities under a Hazardous Waste Permit issued by the
WDEQ on December 6, 2005, and renewed on March 11, 2016. The FMC Draft Modified Permit serves to modify the 2016 Permit. The FMC Draft Modified Permit addresses post-closure care and corrective action for the Hazardous Waste Management Unit, while the RA addresses the necessary cleanup on the Facility Property.

The public comment period begins July 19, 2022, and ends September 02, 2022. The FMC Draft
Modified Permit, Fact Sheet, Permit Modification Request, and Administrative Record are available for
inspection and copying at the following locations: WDEQ/Solid and Hazardous Waste Division
(SHWD), 510 Meadowview Drive, Lander, Wyoming; WDEQ/SHWD, 200 West 17 th Street, 2 nd Floor, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and at the Lincoln County Library, 519 Emerald Street, Kemmerer, WY.

Any person may submit written comments on the Draft Modified Permit, may request a notice of the
final permit decision, or request a public hearing. Written comments and requests for a hearing will be
accepted by the WDEQ during the public comment period. Written comments or requests must be sent

Suzanne Engels
Solid and Hazardous Waste Division Administrator
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
Solid and Hazardous Waste Division
200 West 17th Street, 2nd Floor
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002

Alternatively, public comments may be submitted electronically and the Permit Modification and
Remedy Agreement documents can be accessed at the following location:

For additional information regarding this notice or the draft permit, contact the WDEQ Project Manager
Jules Feck at 307-335-6976, or