Monthly Inspections of Regulated Storage Tanks

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Storage Tank Monthly Inspections

In June 2018, Wyoming Solid and Hazardous Waste Rules and Regulations, Chapter 1 Storage Tank Program, Storage Tanks (Chapter 1), was adopted to supersede Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 17. Chapter 1 includes requirements for periodical spill bucket testing, overfill device testing, and sump testing for interstitially monitored piping systems. Chapter 1 also includes new monthly inspection requirements.

The monthly inspection requirements have changed and do not require opening dispensers or manholes. However, the monthly inspections are required for all regulated facilities that have fuel delivery intervals of less than every 30 days. If a facility has delivery intervals of greater than every 30 days, the inspections must be conducted prior to each fuel delivery. These monthly inspections are to be conducted by the licensed Class A or B operator for the facility, or by a STP licensed Tester.

Chapter 1, Section 13(d) states: (d)    Monthly Inspections  To properly operate and maintain tank systems, the Class A or B Operator or licensed tank tester shall meet one of the following:

                      (i)       Conduct a walkthrough inspection that, at a minimum, checks the following equipment every 30 days (except spill prevention equipment at tank systems receiving deliveries at intervals greater than every 30 days may be checked prior to each delivery):

                                (A)      Spill prevention equipment.  Visually check for damage, remove liquid or debris, check for and remove obstructions in the fill pipe, check the fill cap to ensure it is securely on the fill pipe; and for double-wall spill prevention equipment with interstitial monitoring, check for a leak in the interstitial area; and

                                (B)      Release detection equipment.  Check to ensure the release detection equipment is operating with no alarms or other unusual operating conditions present, and ensure records of release detection testing are reviewed and current; or

                     (ii)      Conduct operation and maintenance walkthrough inspections according to PEI RP900, as referenced in Section 2.

                     (iii)     Owners and/or operators who monitor their release detection system remotely may check the release detection equipment and records remotely every 30 days as long as the release detection system at the facility is determined to be in communication with the remote monitoring equipment.”

Chapter 1, Section 13(e) states: “(e)     Monthly Inspection Documentation. The Class A or B Operator or licensed tank tester shall provide the facility owner and/or operator with a copy of each monthly inspection documentation and alert the owner and/or operator of any condition discovered during the monthly visual inspection that may require follow-up actions.”

Chapter 1, Section 13(f) states: “(f)     Monthly Inspection Records. The owner and/or operator shall maintain a copy of the monthly inspection documentation and all attachments for the previous 12 months. Records shall include a list of each area checked, whether or not each area checked was acceptable or needed action taken, a description of actions taken to correct an issue, and delivery records if spill prevention equipment is checked less frequently than every 30 days due to infrequent deliveries. The records shall be maintained on-site, off-site at a readily available location within the State of Wyoming, or electronically in accordance with Section 13(i).”

The STP has a form that can be used to document these inspections and it can be found online (Click Here).

If you have any questions regarding these inspections, please feel free to contact STP personnel at (307) 777-7097.