WDE Data and Technology Newsletter - August 17, 2022

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August 17, 2022

Data Collection News

Fall WDE684 Teacher/Course/Student Data Collection Submission

During the Fall WDE684, districts will be able to submit their fall WDE684 using either the State Report Manager (SRM) or the new WINDS ODS.  This will be the last collection cycle districts will be allowed to use the SRM.

Important WyCTE Data Collection Information

The WyCTE and ASVAB Data Review Window closes on August 31st.  On September 1st the 2021-22, data will be considered final and will be used in the Perkins Consolidated Annual Report (CAR) and next year's school accountability models. It is important for districts to make corrections during this review window because, during next year's accountability calculations, the data provided in the WyCTE data collection must match the transcript for a student to have met the Alternative School College and Career Readiness Indicator or the Traditional High School Post-Secondary Readiness Indicator.

All districts participating in the Perkins V grant program must have their 2022-23 WDE638s submitted and their programs of study for the next year entered in the WyCTE application by October 1st. WISE Coordinators are asked to ensure they have the course collection certified while still providing enough time for the CTE staff to complete their work and meet the October 1 deadline.

WDE638 Course Inventory Will Be Closed September 1, 2022

The WDE638 data collection will be closed on September 1 in the Data Collection Suite (DCS) for updates. Districts will be able to submit 2022-23 course data prior to and after the closure.

WY-TOPP and WY-ALT Science Assessment Review Window August 18 - 24

The 2021-22 WY-TOPP and WY-ALT science data will be available in Assessment Confidential on the morning of Thursday, August 18.  Districts will be given one week to review their data and provide suggested changes to Cat Palmer, catherine.palmer@wyo.gov.

Confidential School Performance Review


To give WDE staff more time to review school indicator results, the School Performance Review Window has been pushed back one week.  The review window is August 22 through September 2.  Reports will be posted on the Accountability Confidential website.  

REMINDER: Information Management Division Will Seek Feedback from School Counselors September 15

The WDE needs to find a way to identify Hathaway courses on the WDE949 9th Grade Transcripts Collection and the WDE950 Graduated Student Transcripsts Collection. In order to do that we would like feed back from high school counselors and district WISE Coordinators. A zoom meeting invite will be sent for 3 to 4:30 p.m. on September 15.  Please save the date!

It's Time to Roll Over your Student Information System

The WDE has rolled over its SIF operational data store to 2022-23. Please let the WDE know when your district has completed the rollover of the student information system (SIS) to the 2022-23 school year and has restarted the SIF agent. The WDE will then issue a request for the current years' objects, and your district will be in sync with the WDE to receive WISER IDs and exchange data for the coming year.

This will also allow the SIS to automatically send new enrollments to WDE and also to TIDE. If your district is having issues rolling forward the SIF agents, contact the respective SIS vendor for the district. Contact Elizabeth (Liz) Foster at elizabeth.foster@wyo.gov to confirm your data connectivity and flow through to the WDE and TIDE.  This process must occur before your Assessment Coordinator can roster students in TIDE.



  • July 18-August 31: NEW WyCTE and ASVAB Data Review Window
  • August 18-24: Confidential WY-TOPP and WY-Alt Science Review Window
  • August 22-September 2: Confidential School Performance Report Review Window 
    • Revised from August 15 - 26
  • September 8:  Confidential  and Embargoed Assessment Aggregate Release
  • September 15: Public Assessment Data Release
  • September 15: Public School Performance Report Release
  • September 27 and 28: Virtual SIS User Conference