Assessment Newsletter (Volume 8, Issue 40)

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WDE Assessment Updates

05/21/2021  |  Volume 8, Issue 40


Last Call: Provide Your Input by May 30, 2021


The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) requests educator participation in an assessment survey for the 2020-21 school year. The data collected will provide valuable information about the WY-TOPP assessments. This will help us know what you think is going well and where changes may need to be considered. Take the Assessment Survey here.

For more information, contact Jessica Steinbrenner, Assessment Team Supervisor, at 307-777-8658 or


May 21 - June 25, 2021

The WDE684 data collection provides the WDE with accountability information. It also identifies the number of students in subpopulations, student demographic information, grade level, and enrollment and disenrollment information. It also identifies the number of Active ELs and those students in Monitor Status in each school, district, and the state are verified after all districts have submitted their data. After the WDE receives all WDE684 data, an error report of inaccurate information is created which districts are required to correct. Antoinette Hallam will be contacting districts with identified EL errors. The data clean up period is scheduled from June 25 to July 9, 2021. Take this time to review and validate all WDE684 student information. 

For more information, refer to the WDE684 Guidebook or contact Jessica Steinbrenner, Assessment Team Supervisor, at 307-777-8658 or


TIDE Will Close June 25, 2021

  • Each year, TIDE system Users are reset in order to ensure security.
  • The WDE encourages districts to download their current users, revise those files to update staff and any role changes, and prepare the file for re-upload in the fall.
  • Remember, each user role comes with a certain level of student data access. Assigning all test administrators to a Building Coordinator role may allow unnecessary access to student information and could be a FERPA violation.
  • Student rosters may also be downloaded and securely stored until they can be re-uploaded for the Fall Interim window. 
  • For further information refer to the TIDE User Guide.

For more information, contact Jessica Steinbrenner,  Assessment Team Supervisor, at 307-777-8568 or


For WY-TOPP 2022 and Beyond

  • The Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) give teachers, parents/guardians, and students more information about the typical knowledge and skills a student demonstrates on state assessments in each performance level.
  • PLDs are developed in four levels (Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic) for each content standard.
  • All PLDs for WY-TOPP and Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) for WY-ALT can be found on the WDE PLD page. (Note: PLDs and ALDs are synonymous)
  • Newly Added PLDs:
  • Performance Standards (PS) for both math and science have been selected by Standards Review Committees, and the SBE is currently reviewing the public and educator input received for each. The committees selected a subset of the Proficient PLDs to be the PS. When the SBE approves the PS for adoption, they will be released for Public Comment, which takes an estimated 4-6 months to final adoption.

For more information, contact Laurie Hernandez, WDE Director of Standards & Assessment, at 307-777-3469 or


  • September 1-June 18: WY-TOPP Modulars.
  • May 24: Districts Receive Online Reports for ACCESS.
  • June 14-16: Districts Receive Printed Reports for ACCESS.
  • January 24-March 4, 2022: NAEP Assessment Window.