Wyoming Digital Learning Plan July 2020 Newsletter

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JULY 2020

Welcome to the Digital Learning Plan (DLP) monthly newsletter

This newsletter will explore the Wyoming DLP, its goals, and suggested strategies to ensure equitable access to opportunities and success in postsecondary, career, and civic life.


Professional Development Survey Results

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) released a survey asking educators to help the agency better understand the professional development (PD) needs surrounding virtual learning. This survey will help the WDE determine the most beneficial opportunities for educators during the 2020-21 school year.

Survey Respondents

There were 315 responses to the PD survey, including responses from 177 teachers and 138 administrators, representing 39 of the 48 school districts.

Grade Levels

Graph: Grade levels represented: Elementary = 202 (64.1%), Middle School = 126 (40%), High School = 126 (40%)

District Size

We received the responses from small, medium, and large districts, with 63% of responses from large districts. There was also a majority of respondents from the elementary school level.

Graph: Response rate by District Size: Large = 63%, Medium = 27%, Small = 10%

Professional Development Opportunities

Graph: Top 4 PD Requests: Supporting students = 220, supporting parents = 191, teaching at a distance = 185, developing online content/courses = 166

The survey asked participants to select all choices that applied and would be the most beneficial virtual learning PD the WDE could offer. Since they are so closely related, we combined the responses for the developing online content/classes and improving online content/classes results to provide the top four responses:

  • Developing and improving online content/courses (94.2%). 
  • Supporting students at a distance (69.8%).
  • Supporting parents with virtual learning (60.6%).
  • Teaching at a distance (58.7%).

With the WDE having a better understanding of what educators are looking for in PD, the Student and Teacher Resources Team will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide training in the top four identified areas. The dates are yet to be determined, but the PD opportunities will be delivered in a variety of ways to reach as many educators as possible.

Current Training Available

While the WDE works toward an RFP to directly respond to the results of the survey, there are some current and upcoming training opportunities available to address the immediate needs of educators. 

Developing and improving Online Content/Classes 

Supporting Students and Parents at a Distance 

Teaching at a Distance

 Additional Digital Learning Training and Resources 

Stay Tuned

Next month’s Digital Learning Plan Newsletter will feature accessibility of digital resources.

For more information on the Wyoming Digital Learning Plan or the Future Ready Framework, contact Robin Grandpre at 307-777-5315 or robin.grandpre1@wyo.gov