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May 26, 2020

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  • Education Input Surveys
  • Open Range Wyoming
  • Edmodo Teacher Communities
  • Introduction to Programming Course
  • Computer Science Conference
  • Science Instructional Materials
  • Long+Live+Math National Institute
  • Budget Challenge for Teachers
  • Formative Assessment Summer Institutes
  • National Arts Education Association Leadership Conference
  • Reading Rockets for Teachers
  • WIDA Self-Paced eWorkshops
  • Duolingo Online Foreign Language Tool 
  • Native American Education for All Resources
  • Civic Engagement for Elementary Students


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Math PLDs, Science PLDs, PE Standards, F&PA Standards, and CS Performance Standards

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) will collect educator input this summer on the following subjects: PE Standards, Fine & Performing Arts Standards, Math PLDs, Science PLDs, and Computer Science Performance Standards.

A Superintendent's memo will announce when the educator input will be collected. Surveys can be sent to educators directly who complete this brief survey.


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The WDE's Open Education Resources (OER) platform, Open Range Wyoming, is dedicated to developing and sharing materials from around the state and the world. OERs include full courses, materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge. A video offers an overview.

The resources developed and shared to Open Range Wyoming are aligned to Wyoming Content and Performance Standards and will are included in the platform hosted on OER Commons.

Canvas has created a free course about Open Educational Resources, which can be accessed here.

For more information about Open Range Wyoming, contact Dustin Brown at 307-777-3679 or

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The WDE offers statewide PLCs on Edmodo allowing educators to ask questions and share information and resources. The site provides for sharing of lessons and mapped documents.

Links for Edmodo PLCs:


Northern Wyoming Community College will offer Introduction to Programming for educators seeking the new Professional Teaching Standards Board computer science endorsement.

The summer course, taught entirely online from June 8 to July 31, is open for registration. A modified self-paced approach to due dates will allow teachers some freedom to work around vacation schedules and other family commitments.

Contact E. Anne Gunn at and include COSC-1010 Su20 in the subject line.


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July 13-14, 2020 - Virtual

The Computer Science Teachers Association's annual conference is a chance for Computer Science teachers to come together for learning, networking, and fun.

The two-day virtual conference offers more than 100 sessions to broaden your knowledge of computer science education and reinvigorate your passion for teaching.


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OpenSciEd offers science instructional materials for teachers and students aligned to career and college standards.

Materials are offered for each instructional unit in addition to the corresponding professional learning materials designed to support the use of the units. Each unit fits within a Scope and Sequence that provides coherence within and across years.


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July 7-10 2020 - Virtual

LONG+LIVE+MATH: The National Institute attendees leave refreshed, excited, energized and equipped to make a difference.

With the challenges schools are facing due to COVID-19 closures, this is the perfect opportunity to bring together educators and leaders to share insights and strategies around a common goal: to help every student reach their full potential in mathematics.


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Wyoming teachers who have a personal finance, economics, CTE, business, math, or life-skills class, the Budget Challenge Teacher Challenge can help you make a smooth transition to virtual, distance, or hybrid learning. No need to reinvent the wheel this summer. Teacher Challenge lets you test drive the a personal finance program for both in-class and distance learning. 

All participants will be entered into a drawing for $1,000, $500, and three $250 gift cards. Registration is free for eligible educators.


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July 13-16, 2020 - Virtual

The Formative Assessment Summer Institutes from WestEd will examine how evidence-based formative practices help teachers shift away from traditional instructional models toward more equitable practices that promote shared responsibility for learning between students and instructors.

Drawing upon the learnings of expert teachers and leaders, all participants will gain a deeper understanding of ideas and concepts about formative assessment and how to apply them through instructional practices.


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July 16-18, 2020 - Virtual

The purpose of the National Leadership Conference is to support and enhance the effectiveness of experienced, new and aspiring art education leaders.

The program is designed in direct response to the timely interests and needs expressed by NAEA state leaders and includes time and space for hosting regional meetings and meeting in small groups with other leaders whose organizations are similar in size and share many of the same challenges.


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Launching young readers - Reading Rockets

Professional Development Webcasts

Stay up-to-date with the Reading Rockets professional development webcast series. Listen, watch, and learn from top experts in the field of reading and writing. Webcasts are available anytime. Topics include Teaching Writing, Implementing RtI, and Inclusive Classrooms.


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Logo for WIDA - consortium of states engaged in achievement for English learning students

Educators have the opportunity to participate in three self-paced, on-demand eWorkshops developed by WIDA. These workshops are valuable for K-12 classroom teachers, ESL specialists, and district and school administrators.

Topics include:

  • Engaging Newcomer Multilingual Learners
  • Foundational Concepts
  • WIDA Writing Rubric

The eWorkshops are available in the eLearning Center in the WIDA Secure Portal. Participants without a WIDA Secure Portal account should contact the district District EL Coordinator or contact the WDE's Antoinette Hallam at


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Duolingo is a fun, free online tool for learning languages based on the science of learning a language. This mobile app or web tool offers 30+ languages that can be tailored to lessons that fit your daily, weekly, short- or long-term language lesson goals.

Duolingo consists of routines that can help you track your progress and achievements and is an addition to a language learner’s toolbox that can be used in conjunction with a language course or program.


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IllumiNative launched its Native American Education For All initiative to deliver free digital lesson plans and activities for distance learning in response to COVID-19. The first phase of the initiative is being released in partnership with the National Indian Education Association.

The Native American Education for All initiative aims to dismantle the invisibility of Native peoples in the K-12 public education system. 


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Library of Congress Primary Sources for K-5

KidCitizen introduces a new way for young students to engage with history through primary sources.

KidCitizen episodes use primary sources for rich demonstrations, interactions, and models of literacy in the course of innovative hands-on activities that make academic content meaningful, build on prior experiences, and foster visual literacy and historical inquiry. Each episode draws on a set of primary source photographs from the Library of Congress.


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