Assessment Newsletter (Volume 7, Issue 26)

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03-02-2020 |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 7, Issue 26


Testing Window March 3 - April 22, 2020




The early stopping rule is to be applied to those rare situations in which a student is unable to complete the full assessment within the alternate assessment window. Multiple attempts to administer and complete the assessment must take place in order to apply for the early stopping rule determination. For those who wish to invoke the early stopping rule the following must be submitted:

  • Contact the Help Desk at 888-897-8024
  • Report the student(s) WISER ID
  • Report which subject(s) need the early stopping rule applied
  • Report date and time for each administration attempt, for each subject 

This rule is to be applied near the end of the testing window for those situations in which full testing was not accessible due to significant issues with communication. Multiple (at least 2) attempts must be made for a student for each subject test. 

Please note: In order to complete multiple attempts for the first five items, the assessment must be paused before advancing to the sixth item. This means that the student may sit for an administration of the first few with no response then at another time/day sit again in the hopes of receiving a response to one or more of the first five questions. If all items are listed as no response and next is selected after the fifth item, the assessment will self-submit and all opportunities will be closed.

For further questions, please contact Kascinda Fleming at 777-7489  or Jessica Steinbrenner at 777-8568.


Attention:  WY-ALT Test Administrators

This year, before Test Administrators will be able to administer the WY-ALT, they must complete the Learner Characteristic Inventory (LCI) Questionnaire for each student. The purpose of the LCI is to describe the characteristics of students who participate in the Alternate Assessment and Alternate Achievement Standards and to present baseline data results collected as part of the validity evaluation for the assessment.

The LCI Questionnaire is comprised of 19 questions that address student demographic and performance information, and is also located on the Wyoming Assessment Portal under Resources for WY-ALT Test Administrators.

The WDE (Wyoming Department of Education) strongly suggests that teachers complete the LCI by logging in to the student interface, as the student, before beginning any test sessions with the student.


no cell phone icon

It is very important to maintain test item security before, during, and after test administration of any state-provided testing. The WDE suggests that campuses communicate a strict policy for communication devices during testing. For campuses that do not have a cell phone or communication device policy, follow this link to an example of a communication device policy that can be read or distributed to faculty, staff, and students during testing. Please remember "devices" include testing computers. This means no screenshots or recordings via the testing device, by students or school district employees.