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July 2019

Welcome to the Digital Learning Plan (DLP) monthly newsletter

Welcome to the Digital Learning Plan (DLP) monthly newsletter. This newsletter will explore the Wyoming Department of Education’s (WDE) DLP, its goals, and suggested strategies to ensure equitable access to opportunities and success in postsecondary, career, and civic life. Future newsletters will provide resources for districts to create their own action and implementation plans for achieving these goals.

What to expect in this issue: 

1. Future Ready Gear 6

2. Innovative Idea

3. Professional Development

4. Coming up Next

Future Ready Gear6

Personalized Professional Learning

In Future Ready Schools, technology and digital learning can expand access to high-quality, ongoing, job-embedded opportunities for professional learning for teachers, administrators, and other education professionals. Such opportunities ultimately lead to improvements in student success and create broader understanding of the skills that comprise success in a digital age.

Head with gears as the brain

The elements that comprise this Gear are as follows:

  • Shared Ownership and Responsibility for Professional Growth.
  • 21st Century Skill Set.
  • Diverse Opportunities for Professional Learning Through Technology.
  • Broad-Based, Participative Evaluation.

Digital Professional learning communities, peer-to-peer lesson sharing, and better use of data and formative assessment, combined with less emphasis on "sit and get" professional development sessions eliminate the confines of geography and time. These ever-increasing resources, as well as non-traditional forms of professional learning, offer teachers and administrators vast new opportunities to collaborate, learn, share, and produce best practices with colleagues in school buildings across the country. Digital leaders establish this type of collaborative culture. They model and are transparent with their own learning. In addition, educators must be engaged in more collaborative, goal-oriented approaches to the evaluation of their own teaching to serve as a personal model for the experiences that they might bring to students.


WDE Strategies

Ensure all educators across Wyoming know what personalized professional learning opportunities are available.
  • K-20 Statewide LMS
  • Open Range Wyoming
  • Statewide PLCS
Provide educators with a continuum of professional development choices that can be easily identified, personalized, and accessed.
  • Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative
  • CS Education
  • K-20 Statewide LMS
  • Open Range Wyoming
  • Quality Matters face-to-face and online workshops
Provide recognition (e.g. micro-credentialing, credit, higher degrees) for educators to continue their professional growth toward implementing effective digital learning practices.
  • Quality Matters Teaching Online Certificate and Digital Credentials
Statewide network of educators and organizations focused on sharing digital learning best practices, implementation strategies, and successful outcomes.
  • Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference


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Innovative Idea





Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and shareable. They empower educators to drive their professional learning and give administrators the tools they need to personalize learning for the educators and meet broader goals. Micro-credentials allow educators the opportunity to improve their practice and create better outcomes for students.

Digital Promise Micro-credentials to explore: 

A computer with microcredentials on it

National Educational Association (NEA) Micro-credentials to explore: 


Info from PTSB

Quality Matters (QM) Teaching Online Certificate

The QM Teaching Online Certificate enables educators to demonstrate their knowledge mastery of online teaching. Educators will receive a QM Digital Credential upon successful completion of each workshop that is tied to evidence that supports their mastery of each teaching competency. 

The WDE will sponsor the QM Teaching Online Certificate for Wyoming educators which include the following online workshops: 

  • Gauging Your Technology Skills
  • Evaluating Your Course Design
  • Exploring Your Institution’s Policies
  • Orienting Your Online Learners
  • Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies
  • Creating Presence in Your Online Course
  • Assessing Your Learners

For more information about the QM training and the Teaching Online Certificate sponsored by the WDE, visit the Virtual 307 Policy page or contact Lori Thilmany at 307.777.7418 or lori.thilmany@wyo.gov.

Quality Matters

  • Digital Learning Upcoming Professional Development


  • The WDE will be offering Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT) Training. The SCRIPT training will give districts the opportunity to think through the various aspects needed to provide equitable, high-quality computer science education in their district.
  • Please consider applying to attend one of these amazing trainings:
    • Afton: September 16-17, 2019, March 4, 2020, and September 16, 2020

Contact Robin Grandpre at 307-777-5315 or robin.grandpre1@wyo.gov or visit the Computer Science webpage for more information.


  • Canvas Online Subscription Training
    • Available all year long!
  • Canvas In-person Training
    • The WDE has purchased training days to be used by districts. Districts just have to express interest.

For more information, contact Robin Grandpre at 307-777-5315 or robin.grandpre1@wyo.gov.

Quality Matters (QM) Online Course Review, Teaching and Development

  • Districts can schedule a workshop for any time of the year.
  • QM courses are also available online year round.
  • Online courses include the QM Online Teaching Certificate with Digital Credentials.
  • All QM training, whether online or face-to-face, is sponsored by the WDE for Wyoming educators

For more information, contact Lori Thilmany at 307-777-7418 or lori.thilmany@wyo.gov.

Wyoming Innovations in Learning Conference

  • Nov. 6-8, 2019 (preconferences Nov. 5-6) - Gillette, WY.
  • Sign-up for the Innovations Showcase on Nov. 6.

For more information, contact Robin Grandpre at 307-777-5315 or robin.grandpre1@wyo.gov.

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Stay Tuned

Next month’s Digital Learning Plan Newsletter will introduce:

  • Personalized Professional Learning.

For more information, on the DLP, or the Future Ready Frameworks, or if you have an innovative idea to share, contact Alisa Cook at 307-777-3679 or alisa.cook1@wyo.gov.

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