Assessment Newsletter (Volume 5, Issue 7)

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February 24, 2017  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 5, Issue 7


The Wyoming Department of Education assessment team will conduct PAWS test observations March 6 - March 24. Our goal is to observe test security practices and answer any questions you or your school staff may have about the statewide assessment. See a copy of the observation checklist here.

VIDEO: Test Security Webinar

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If you missed the live Test Security WebEx this week, then please view the recorded video.

REMINDER: PAWS Test Scheduling


Please remember that a student must complete all sections of a subject before moving on to the next subject. Also, sections within a subject should be completed in order. 

DEADLINE: ACT Accommodations

The deadline to input student accommodations into (TAA) Test Accessibility and Accommodations System is March 10th.

ACT Online Testing and Paper Pencil Testing

Campuses will be mailed paper materials for all students entered in PANext by March 16th. After March 16th, if you want to change a student from paper testing to online testing, please call Jeremiah Barnhart 1-319-337-1386. 

ACT Aspire

VIDEO: ACT Aspire Technology Readiness Training

If you were not able to attend the ACT Aspire Technology Readiness training, then please view the recorded presentation.

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Check out the Checklist for Success! It highlights Aspire deadlines.

PAWS Pre-ID Labels


Pre-ID labels were mailed this week. Expect to receive your labels by the end of next week. Please call ETS 1-877-327-9415 if you have questions concerning your ID-labels. 

REGISTER: ACT Administration Q & A Webinar

You have two sessions available for ACT Administration training. Please Register prior to the training date. We encourage individuals interested in participating in the ACT Question and Answer session to register for one or both of the upcoming sessions.



March 14th - 3:30 pm


Primary Dial-In: 800-260-0712

Passcode: 403382



March 16th - 10:00 am


Primary Dial-In: 800-260-0712

Passcode: 403383


Exemption Request Process

Consistent with last year’s practice, WDE will be accepting exemption requests in the following three categories:

  • Students who are expelled (or suspended pending expulsion) but still receiving services from the district,
  • Students who are served in out of state placements, and
  • Students who are ELLs who have been in US schools for less than a year (students must participate in the ACCESS in order to receive the exemption, and they are still required to participate in math (and science, if applicable)

The updated WDE673 form can be found here. To ensure confidentiality of these sensitive materials, the only method for submission of the WDE673 form and associated documentation is via the Wyoming Transcript Center. Faxes and mail are not acceptable methods of submission. Step-by-step instructions for the upload process can be found here.  

Exemption requests will be accepted and processed through the following dates:

  • PAWS:  March 17, 2017
  • Wy-ALT:  March 17, 2017
  • ACT and Aspire:  April 19, 2017

Additional 2017 Administration Materials are available here.

WorkKeys Updates

*Mark your calendar! The window to order materials for the WorkKeys paper test is 3/6-3/10.

*The deadline to update Validus is 3/9 for schools administering the exam online. Proctor caching will take place on 3/13.

*Remember that students may take the WorkKey exam(s) once. 



  • Feb 15 - March 10: ACT Student accommodations confirmation window
  • Feb 15 - March 16: ACT Aspire student data and accommodations confirmation window
  • Feb 15 - March 16: ACT Student data confirmation window
  • February 27-28: Phase I and II - Assessment Literacy and Formative Assessment - Cheyenne
  • February 28 - March 24: Wy-ALT Administration Window Open
  • March 24: Wy-ALT deadline to edit student information in TIDE
  • March 6 - 10: ACT WorkKeys window to order materials for paper testing
  • March 6 - 24: PAWS Administration Window Open
  • March 14 @ 3:30 pm: ACT Test Administration Q & A Webinar
  • March 16 @ 10:00 am: ACT Test Administration Q & A Webinar
  • March 16: ACT last day to test site Readiness and install ProctorCache software
  • March 17: ACT Aspire Last day to order paper exams
  • March 21 @ 3:00 pm: ACT Aspire Test Administration Webinar
  • March 23 @ 3:00 pm: ACT Aspire Test Administration Webinar
  • April 3 - 18: ACT (paper/pencil) window to conduct pretest sessions and proctor training
  • April 3 - May 8: ACT (online) window to conduct pretest sessions
  • April 7: ACT Aspire last day to create Online test sessions and set up Proctor Cache
  • April 10 - May 3: ACT Aspire Administration Window Open
  • April 12: ACT (online) Deadline for Tech Coordinator to perform final system check
  • April 14 - May 3: ACT (online) Window to precache test content before test day
  • April 19: ACT Administration (paper/pencil)
  • April 19 - May 3: ACT Administration Window Open (online)