Press Release: Gov. Evers, DHS Announce New Standing Order to Expand Access to New Daily Oral Contraception for BadgerCare Plus Members

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers, DHS Announce New Standing Order to Expand Access to New Daily Oral Contraception for BadgerCare Plus Members
BadgerCare Plus Members will be able to pick up new FDA-approved Opill with no out-of-pocket cost
Order continues governor’s commitment to make over-the-counter contraception more accessible and affordable for folks on BadgerCare
MADISON Gov. Tony Evers, as promised in his 2024 State of the State address, today announced he has directed the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to issue a standing order to ensure BadgerCare Plus members can access the new daily over-the-counter oral contraception pill, called Opill, available now with no out-of-pocket cost to them.

“As we see continued attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms here in Wisconsin and across our country, our work to ensure Wisconsinites can access the reproductive healthcare they need when they need it has never been more important,” said Gov.
Evers. “Having the new Opill on the shelves across Wisconsin will expand access to more contraception options while also making it easier for folks to get the contraception they need when it works for them. And, through the standing order I’m directing today, we’re making sure BadgerCare Plus members can access this new, reproductive care at no out-of-pocket cost to them, toothat’s a big deal, folks.”

Last summer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Opill, making it the first daily oral contraceptive pill for use without a prescription. According to the manufacturer, Opill will become available at Wisconsin pharmacies starting today and over the coming weeks.

“Streamlining access to contraception for BadgerCare Plus members helps them to make their own choices about their future,” said DHS Secretary Kirsten Johnson. “We appreciate the strong partnership of our pharmacy providers to help support the health needs of their communities.”

BadgerCare Plus currently covers over-the-counter daily oral contraception with a prescription from a provider. While Opill is available for use without a prescription, the standing order streamlines access to this new daily over-the-counter contraception pill by:
  • Serving as the prescription that enables BadgerCare Plus members to pick up Opill with no out-of-pocket costs; and
  • Removing the need to schedule and attend an appointment to get a prescription to have Opill covered.
Once Opill is stocked on shelves, BadgerCare Plus members will be able to go to any Medicaid-enrolled pharmacy carrying Opill, and the pharmacist will use DHS’s standing order as the prescription, allowing the patient to receive the medication with no out-of-pocket costs. 

Today’s announcement builds upon Gov. Evers commitment to expand access to over-the-counter daily contraception and emergency contraception for Wisconsinites on BadgerCare. Earlier this year, on the heels of his 2024 State of the State address, DHS issued a standing order to ensure BadgerCare Plus members have direct access to over-the-counter emergency contraception. The order allows BadgerCare Plus members to get over-the-counter emergency contraception from any Wisconsin Medicaid-enrolled pharmacy under their state coverage without a prescription from their doctor and with no out-of-pocket cost to them.

Under both standing orders, pharmacists will submit claims to Wisconsin Medicaid for covered over-the-counter contraceptives, and DHS will work with pharmacists to implement the order statewide.
An online version of this release is available here.