Press Release: Gov. Evers Announces Nearly $42 Million for HOME-American Rescue Plan Program

Office of Governor Tony Evers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2023
Gov. Evers Announces Nearly $42 Million for HOME-American Rescue Plan Program
Applications for HOME-ARP now open to provide safe, affordable rental units and supportive services
MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today announced the rollout of the new federally funded and created HOME-American Rescue Plan program (HOME-ARP) that will support efforts to provide safe, affordable housing and supportive services for low-income and housing-insecure households. 

“The need for affordable housing is one of the issues I hear most about as I travel across our state. Expanding access to safe, stable, and affordable housing is a critical part of our work to support kids and families, bolster our state’s workforce and economy, and ensure our communities continue to grow and thrive,” said Gov. Evers. “Whether it’s rehabilitating blighted properties, expanding renter protections, or improving safety, this new program will help us connect the dots between some of the most pressing challenges facing our state.”

HOME-ARP was appropriated under section 3205 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the program addresses the need for more robust homelessness assistance and supportive services. The U.S. Congress appropriated $5 billion in ARPA funds to be administered through HOME-ARP to benefit those experiencing homelessness, those at risk of experiencing homelessness, or those in other vulnerable populations. The state of Wisconsin has received over $41.8 million for HOME-ARP, which will be overseen by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources (DEHCR). The state’s allocation plan has targeted the development of rental housing units, supportive services, and nonprofit capacity building and operating activities.

“Housing is a key need in many of our communities, and these funds will help rehabilitate and construct new affordable housing, as well as assist Wisconsinites at risk,” said DOA Secretary Kathy Blumenfeld. “We’re excited to build on the success of ongoing housing programs to make sure Wisconsinites have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing.”

Eligible applicants may now apply for funds to develop rental housing units and provide supportive services to qualifying populations. Qualifying populations include families and individuals experiencing homelessness, at risk of experiencing homelessness, fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking, veterans that meet certain criteria and their families, and other populations that are housing insecure 

More information on the application process and HOME-ARP guidelines can be accessed here. 
An online version of this release is available here.