Press Release: Gov. Evers Announces Appointments to the Wisconsin Technical College System Board

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers Announces Appointments to the Wisconsin Technical College System Board

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today announced four appointments to the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board. The governor has appointed Alex Lasry, Janixa Franco Gonzalez, and Lindsay Blumer, in addition to reappointing Quincey Daniels.

“Our technical colleges are vital to our higher education system and critical to building a workforce of the 21st-century, and we’re grateful to each of these members—both new and returning—for their commitment to upholding our technical college system’s mission and serving its students,” said Gov. Evers. “The various background and professional experiences of our WTCS Board members allows them to bring fresh and unique perspectives to the table, which is essential to ensuring our technical colleges are successful and the Board is representative of the students, faculty, and staff that make up these institutions.”

Lasry was previously senior vice president for the Milwaukee Bucks and served as deputy counselor for strategic engagement for the White House under President Barack Obama. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Business Administration from New York University. A photo of Lasry is available here

“I am honored that Governor Tony Evers has appointed me to the Wisconsin Technical College System Board,” said Lasry. “A thriving state and economy require robust vocational training programs accessible to students from all walks of life. This is a tremendous opportunity to serve the people of Wisconsin and foster the growth of technical education. I’m excited to work with my fellow board members and communities across our state to ensure that we have a comprehensive and inclusive technical education system that uplifts all Wisconsinites.”

Franco Gonzalez is earning her degree in early childhood education from Waukesha County Technical College in Pewaukee. She is also currently a special education paraprofessional for the Pewaukee School District and has been an assistant teacher and student teacher at various schools and childhood development centers. Franco Gonzalez was a panelist at the National Association for the Education of Young Children 2022 Annual Conference and the WTCS Conference on Race and Ethnicity. She was also chosen to represent Waukesha County Technical College at the WTCS Ambassador Program. Franco Gonzalez has volunteer experience ranging from a women’s shelter service project to marketing projects for Waukesha County Technical College. A photo of Franco Gonzalez is available here

“I am both honored and excited to be appointed as a student member of the WTCS Board,” said Franco Gonzalez. “I hope to spread awareness of the value of having a technical college education and advocate for the technical college system. I am eager to voice my student experiences to help students of all ages and backgrounds. I hope to also be an inspiration for the future generations to see the importance of not only having an education but advocating for it.”

Blumer has nearly 20 years of executive leadership experience and is currently president and CEO of WRTP | BIG STEP, a workforce intermediary that works with the public and private sectors to develop resources, services, and programs to ensure equitable career pathways for all. She previously served as an entrepreneurial pathways project manager at Marquette University, associate dean for Career and Professional Development at Ripon College, and executive director of People Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse. A photo of Blumer is available here

“I’m honored to be appointed by Governor Evers to the WTCS Board and serve as the voice of a small Wisconsin employer who works daily with our technical colleges across the state,” said Blumer. “There is tremendous opportunity right now to build on the strong educational traditions of our technical college system and I’m looking forward to working with fellow Board members to advance the diverse and innovative strategies that keep the WTCS as a partner in building accessible and equitable career pathways for all Wisconsin residents.”

Daniels is the owner of Dr. Daniels Educational Consulting, where he is responsible for curriculum planning and professional development for school districts. He has expertise in administering workshops for teachers and administrators and previously served as a senior lecturer at Waukesha County Technical College. He served 18 years in the U.S. Army, retiring in 2003 with the rank of major. He is a member of the Early Childhood Advisory Council and a former member of the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board. He was first appointed to the Wisconsin Technical College System Board by Gov. Evers in 2021. A photo of Daniels is available here

I would like to thank Governor Evers for the continued opportunity to serve the great citizens of Wisconsin, said Daniels. When you see the life-changing differences being made by those serving in the Wisconsin Technical College system, you understand the great responsibility to Get things Done Right to effect positive changes for our state. I am passionate about the Wisconsin Technical College System and its mission to provide accessible and affordable education and training that prepares students for successful careers. During my first term, I witnessed the incredible impact of our technical colleges on students’ lives and on the economic development of our state. I am eager to continue this important work. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow board members, the leadership of the technical college system, and the broader community to ensure that our technical colleges remain responsive to the needs of our students and the changing workforce. As a board member, I remain committed to promoting excellence, accountability, and innovation in our technical colleges. Once again, thank you, Governor Evers, for your confidence in me. I am humbled and excited to continue serving as a public member of the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.”

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