Press Release: Gov. Evers Signs Executive Order Declaring an Energy Emergency

Office of Governor Tony Evers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 22, 2022
Gov. Evers Signs Executive Order Declaring an Energy Emergency
MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Executive Order #181 declaring an energy emergency in the state of Wisconsin. Due to the below-average temperatures, accumulating and blowing snow throughout the state, deliveries of liquid fuels for home heating shipped by truck, barge, and particularly rail, are limited. Additionally, since Wisconsin had several weather-related power outages recently, and more could occur from this weather event due to downed trees and ice on lines, eliminating barriers for energy emergency responders is essential, especially for out-of-state line workers. Executive Order #181 will allow for the swift and efficient delivery of fuel products, as well as streamlined restoration efforts in the event of significant power outages throughout the state.

Over the past days and weeks, Wisconsinites across the state have braved snow and ice storms, with more the next couple of days, combined with high winds and extremely cold temperatures. The health, welfare, and safety of our neighbors depend on access to fuel for home heating, said Gov. Evers. Getting liquid fuel products moving now to those who need it and making it as easy as possible for utility crews to restore power, if needed, will help our folks stay safe.

According to the Public Service Commissions Office of Energy Innovation, multiple liquid fuel terminals across the state have reported limited product supplies for distribution, and utilities indicated the potential for mutual aid response from out of state.

Issuing Executive Order #181 will provide a 10-day waiver from specific federal and state requirements for those providing energy emergency response supplies, which will allow fuel suppliers to get caught up from the weather-related delays and quicker arrival of out-of-state utility restoration workers. 

Executive Order #181 is available here
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