Press Release: Gov. Evers Joins Fellow Midwest Governors in Announcing Collaboration to Build the Lake Michigan Electric Vehicle Circuit Tour

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers Joins Fellow Midwest Governors in Announcing Collaboration to Build the Lake Michigan Electric Vehicle Circuit Tour
MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers, together with three Midwest governors, today announced a collaboration to build America’s next iconic road trip route, specifically for electric vehicles (EV). The Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour will consist of a network of EV chargers spanning over 1,100 miles of drivable shoreline around pristine Lake Michigan. The multistate partnership needed to build out and maintain the EV chargers, as well as market the new eco-tourism attraction, was solidified by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by key officials from each state.

“Making our beautiful coastal communities not only more accessible to EVs but protecting them through lower emissions is a win-win for Wisconsin,” said Gov. Evers. “We’re proud to support this multi-state partnership as we work to implement our first-ever Clean Energy Plan and continue our efforts to bolster Wisconsin's tourism industry.”

An electric Route 66, the Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour will be a scenic route with reliable light-duty vehicle charging options along the Lake Michigan coastline that targets charger installations at key coastal communities, lighthouses, and tourism attractions, such as state parks, hospitality locations, breweries, vineyards, restaurants, and other small businesses. Those new chargers will be tied together with existing charging infrastructure networks at large entertainment attractions in population centers along the route, such as Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Traverse City.

The project will not only support the tourism industry in the Midwest but will also elevate economic growth. The Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour will advance the ease of access to some of the region’s greatest tourism attractions by the next generation of clean and electrified transportation and mobility manufacturing products, safeguard industry electrification leadership, support growth of the region’s share of electric vehicles, and elevate access to tools required to equip the workforce of tomorrow.

The route is also intended to provide EV drivers with a long-distance travel vacation opportunity many have been seeking. Likewise, prospective EV drivers will have the chance to take family and friends on long-distance road trips, while reducing range anxiety and harmful tailpipe emissions.

Many of the network’s chargers are already operable today, and drivers can expect the remainder of the Circuit to be completed within the next few years.
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