Press Release: Gov. Evers Takes Action on 13 Bills

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers Takes Action on 13 Bills

MADISON  Gov. Tony Evers today took action on 13 bills. The governor signed:

Senate Bill 235, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 212:

  • Requires the Department of Public Instruction to exclude data derived from a juvenile detention facility, secured residential care center for children and youth, house of corrections, or county jail located in a school district from that school district’s report card if 50 percent or more of the pupils at the facility are in the facility for less than the entire school term.  

Senate Bill 398, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 213:

  • Adds September 11 to the list of special observance days observed by schools; and 
  • Specifies the day is to remember the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, and to honor law enforcement officers and fire fighters. 

Senate Bill 589, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 214: 

  • Updates the allowable version of the Foundations of Reading test to reflect the phaseout of the 2012 version currently used.  

Senate Bill 828, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 215: 

  • Allows the recipient of the on-line early learning pilot program funds of $500,000 as established by 2019 Wisconsin Act 170, Waterford Upstart, to expand the school districts that may participate in the program beyond the six specified in the original legislation, so long as children in those six districts are given priority for participation and the Department of Public Instruction approves the program changes.

Senate Bill 829, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 216: 

  • Requires that a county return the net proceeds from the sale of a tax delinquent property to the former owner of the property for any such sale rather than only when both the property was used as a homestead in the five years prior to the county’s acquisition of the property and the owner requested such payment within 60 days of notice from the county; and
  • Modifies the calculation of the net proceeds resulting from the delinquent property sale to remove a current law fee from the calculation.

Senate Bill 833, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 217: 

  • Eliminates the current law sunset date for awarding grants under the dual enrollment program, allowing the Higher Educational Aids Board to issue grants from funds that were already appropriated in the 2021-23 biennial budget; and 
  • Explicitly allows students attending an independent charter school to participate in the Early College Credit Program in the same manner as students at public and private schools. 

In addition to signing the above bills, Gov. Evers vetoed seven bills. The governor’s veto messages are available below: 

Veto message for Senate Bill 89

Veto message for Senate Bill 117

Veto message for Senate Bill 296 

Veto message for Senate Bill 563 

Veto message for Senate Bill 597 

Veto message for Senate Bill 609 

Veto message for Senate Bill 612

An online version of this release is available here.