Press Release: Gov. Evers Signs 10 Bills to Promote Public Safety and Support Crime Victims and Survivors

Office of Governor Tony Evers
Gov. Evers Signs 10 Bills to Promote Public Safety, Support Crime Victims and Survivors

MADISON  Gov. Tony Evers today signed 10 bills to promote public safety and support crime victims, survivors, and their families.

We’re continuing our work to keep our kids, our families, and our communities safe. The bills I’m signing today will assist local law enforcement agencies with purchasing body cameras, require annual reporting on the use of no-knock warrants, and better protect and support crime victims, their families, and people in our care to help build a safer, fairer Wisconsin for everyone,” said Gov. Evers.

In addition to signing todays bills, earlier this week, Gov. Evers announced a more than $50 million investment in community safety across the state, including nearly $19 million for local and tribal law enforcement agencies and funding to help alleviate the pandemic-related backlog of criminal cases through additional public defender and assistant district attorney support. With this funding, the governor is making investments throughout the criminal justice system aimed at keeping Wisconsinites safe. Additionally, in October 2021, the governor announced a $45 million investment in community-based violence prevention efforts and support for crime victims and survivors, bringing Gov. Evers total investment in violence prevention and public safety to more than $100 million. 

Senate Bill 627, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 182: 

  • Allows one parent to petition a court to change the name of a minor under the age of 14, if the nonpetitioning parent is convicted of certain homicide or sex offenses. 

“When an individual commits a horrifying and despicable crime, the impact of their actions have ripple effects throughout the entire community, affecting not only the survivor or victim and their family, but the perpetrator’s own family, too,” said Gov. Evers. “I am glad to be signing Senate Bill 627 that will help protect our kids and ensure they can heal from the harm and trauma caused by a parent’s actions.”

Assembly Bill 329, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 183: 

  • Requires the Department of Justice to collect certain information on search warrants and issue an annual report, specifically as it relates to no-knock entry in the execution of a search warrant. 

Assembly Bill 333, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 184: 

  • Expands the allowable recipients and uses of the Department of Health Services’ crisis program enhancement grants. 

Assembly Bill 335, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 185:

  • Creates a grant program, administered by the Department of Justice, to assist local law enforcement agencies with the costs of purchasing officer body cameras. 

Assembly Bill 825, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 186: 

  • Codifies current practice by requiring state correctional institutions and the Department of Corrections to report on and forward to local law enforcement alleged battery by persons in the departments care against correctional officers and teachers. 

Senate Bill 100, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 187:

  • Expands the special circumstances battery of probation, extended supervision and parole agents, community supervision agents, and aftercare agents to include the family of agents; and 
  • Expands the special circumstances battery to tribal officials serving in a similar capacity. 

Senate Bill 199, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 188: 

  • Makes sexual contact or intercourse by a law enforcement officer with a person detained or in custody second-degree sexual assault in order to create consistency with current law sections for similar conduct by correctional and probation officers. 

Senate Bill 408, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 189: 

  • Adds catalytic converters to a list of proprietary articles for which scrap dealers must follow certain requirements. 

Senate Bill 419, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 190: 

  • Incorporates tribal governments into the procedures required when a sexually violent person is released from an institutional commitment to supervised release.

Senate Bill 420, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 191: 

  • Adds tribal court officials as victims under the crime of battery or threat to a court officer or law enforcement officer. 
An online version of this release is available here.