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Leading Colleague States

Nashville, TN

While the Governor was in the Rose Garden announcing our new neighbor, I was presenting on workforce and corrections strategies at a meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors Association. I talked about our technical colleges' relationships with our correctional institutions and how we identify high-needs areas in our economy (like the need for dairy workers or Computer Numeric Coding machinists) and get our inmates trained up and "degreed" to succeed once they re-enter society. It's an important concept because we really need more trained workers when we have 3.1% unemployment! 

Sky is the Limit

Oshkosh, WI

Every year hundreds of thousands of aircraft, enthusiasts, and industry business leaders land in Oshkosh for the EAA Air Venture, making Wittman Airfield the busiest airport in the world.  As the Vice Chairman the Aerospace States Association (ASA), I'm showing industry leaders how Wisconsin has 300+ aerospace and aviation companies and we are forming an industry cluster like the one we successfully supported for freshwater technology a few years back.     

Oshkosh, WI

At EAA, I inspected the drones that Amazon Prime customers may soon see delivering packages to their doors... when I remarked at how small it was, Amazon told me that 85% of the packages they deliver are under 5 pounds. Huh.   

A Toast to the Joseph Project

Lt. Governor Kleefisch with Joseph Project participants

Tonight, as I am putting together this newsletter, I am heading to Kohler to help acknowledge the vision and hard work of the Joseph Project. It's a faith-based job placement program that teaches professional skills to unemployed folks, gets them interviews, and then drives the commuter van to work. The best part of the Joseph Project?  They do it all with church money and donations and the occasional volunteer teacher like me!  The Joseph Project doesn't want government money- but I love this church-based workforce solution, so I'm going to go say how terrific they are. Hope you have a weekend that's equally as terrific! 


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