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Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

May 22, 2018

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Greetings from the team at the Division of Industry Services!  This spring’s edition brings you code updates as well as informational pieces from a cross-section of the Division.

Commercial Building Code Updates

Many of you know the updated Commercial Building code package became effective May 1, 2018.  The rules may be accessed on our website here.

The Division is in the process of updating our website, forms, FAQ’s, checklists, databases, etc. to implement this comprehensive code change to the 2015 ICC suite of codes.  Insert pages of the Wisconsin amendments in SPS 361-366 are being created for insertion into the adopted I codes and will be available on the website soon.  A follow-up communication will be sent when these items are complete and available.

Electrical Code Updates

The Department announced implementation dates for the updated electrical code.

  • August 1, 2018: 2017 NEC adopted for commercial structures  
  • August 1, 2018: DSPS may begin accepting applications for registration as an electrical inspection agency. More information will be provided in July 2018.
  • March 1, 2019: Only registered inspection agencies may provide plan review, permit issuance, or inspections.
  • January 1, 2020: 2017 NEC adopted for one- and two-family dwellings.
  • January 1, 2020: statewide requirements for permits and inspections go into effect

Additional Code Updates

April 1, 2018 was the effective date for these two code packages:

SPS 307-308        Explosives, Fireworks, Mines, Pits and Quarries

SPS 327                 Camping Units

July 1, 2018 will be the effective date of the POWTS (SPS 381-387 & 391) revised code package.

Fire Department Safety & Health code (SPS 330) is currently being reviewed by the Legislature.


News from Specific Programs

Boiler, Elevator and Mine Safety Programs

The Mine Safety program has been extremely busy with New Miner and refresher training requests. So far this year the program has conducted 44 sessions, training a total of 1,019 mine personnel.  As road construction season ramps up, inspectors will become increasingly busy with inspections of explosive magazines across the state.

Brian Rausch, elevator program consultant, has been busy reviewing plans and new elevator products. New products reviewed have included an orchestra lift which employs new conveyance technology and a shaftless residential elevator.  These new products provide great learning opportunities for inspectors Mark Urban and John Kastner.

The Boiler and Pressure Vessel team co-hosted the Wisconsin Boiler Inspectors Association Industry Days Seminar April 18th and 19th in Wisconsin Dells. Industry experts spoke about non-destructive testing, water treatment and combustion analyzers.

Secretary Laura Gutiérrez addressed over 100 boiler operators, inspectors, insurance company representatives and industry experts in attendance, while Chris Derks, DSPS boiler program engineering consultant, presented the state code and inspection requirements.


 The highlight of the conference was a tour of the Kilbourn Dam hydroelectric power generation facility. Despite the snow and cold temperatures, the tour provided a very informative and interesting look at the dam which has been producing electricity since 1909.

Commercial Building Inspection

Congratulations to Char Martin, Division of Industry Services Building Inspector for being recognized by the Southwest Wisconsin Builder Inspectors Association as the Inspector of the Year!

As the new commercial building code took effect on May 1, inspectors have been responding to many questions from customers about its applicability to projects.  Please be sure to have approved plans on site and ensure they are being followed. That will lead to smooth and efficient inspections by our team.

Public Sector Safety Team

Amusement ride season has arrived!  Be sure that the necessary application forms and fees have been filed with the Department.  This will allow our team to coordinate its inspection schedule during the next several months.

Plumbing/Pool Programs

Currently, DIS is drafting rules for SPS 381 to 387 Plumbing and Plumbing Products and SPS 390 Pools. See for dates of the Plumbing Code Advisory Council meetings.

The following alternate product approval has been revised for shower heads: Product File #20160173. The revision removed the word residential and replaced with non-public. (This approval permits a minimum of 1.5-inch diameter p-trap when installing a residential non-public replacement shower in place of an existing bathtub).

The Public Swimming Pool Alteration Document was revised on 4/19/2018. The document can be found at:

D4 through D9 were revised along with the addition of P1 and P2.


POWTS staff recently wrapped up a set of comprehensive classes that were offered in numerous locations around the state for prospective and experienced soil testers.  The class offered a combination of classroom and a field practicum. 

The POWTS Technical Advisory Committee met recently to discuss and review two proposed component manuals for use by the industry.  The manuals offer a standardized option that includes prescriptive design, construction and management requirements for specific POWTS components.

Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) Program

The Department has received over 1,700 new one− and 2−family electronic dwelling permits from municipalities using the electronic building permit system created under the 2015 Wisconsin Act 211 as of the first week of April 2018.

The Department wishes to inform you of some added or enhanced features of the electronic building permit system.

  • The HVAC Contractor is no longer required if the owner is the applicant applying for the building permit.
  • A print button has been added to the summary page.
  • Clarification and changes have been made to the ‘Save & Exit’ email notification.
  • The only time a Master Plumber is required is when a plumbing permit is applied for as part of the permit application.

The Department is continuously working on future additions or changes to the electronic building system. If there are any requests for future additions or changes please send these to

The Department has signed a contract with eServices, LLC. They will handle all UDC permitting and inspection services for all new one- and 2-family dwellings in Department jurisdiction municipalities in the counties of Door, Kewaunee, Outagamie and Winnebago.

Recent Informational Topics

The Division has added informational summaries to its website pages on the following topics.  Simply click on the link to access the information.

School Security Locks FAQ

Accessory Building Ordinances FAQ

Municipal Soil Erosion Audits

Plumbing Appliance Installation FAQ

Religious Waivers: 1-2 Family Dwelling Units


Upcoming Division Events in June and August:

Division team members are planning another opportunity to engage with stakeholders, including delegated municipalities and other industry partners.  Online registration opportunities are linked below.

June 19      Delegated Agent Workshop        1 PM     Agenda: Simulated Plan Review

August 16   UW Summer Code Refresher                  Agenda:  2015 Energy Code and  
                    Alliant Energy Center-Madison                      2017 Electrical Code Updates

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

John Pearse retired from our department on May 18th.  We thank him for his numerous contributions and professionalism during his 18 years of service.  Best wishes for an enjoyable retirement!


Two individuals have recently joined the Division of Industry Services:

                Gary Peck – Fire Safety Coordinator – District #4 – Southeast Wisconsin

                Bo Hachtel – Plumbing Plan Reviewer/Consultant – Madison Office