Plan ahead for spring 2020 tree planting

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Reforestation News

July 2019

Begin planning now for spring 2020 planting

Proper tree planting requires a lot of decision making. One of those decisions is which species and which age is the most appropriate and cost effective to plant.

The DNR reforestation program would like to take some of the unknowns out of that process by giving you an early peek at what the Wilson State Nursery anticipates having available this fall. This list is preliminary, as it is possible that some species will be added or subtracted depending on health, growth, and several other factors as the growing season begins to wane. However, most of these trees and shrubs listed will be available to purchase starting October 7, 2019.

The quantity measurements are relative to a particular species based on historic sales and projected demand. For example, we typically sell about 50,000 white cedar. This year, due to several factors, we have approximately 21,000 available; hence the quantity will be referred to as “very limited”. In contrast, our balsam fir had an above average germination, are growing great and the inventory is above the projected sales, hence an “adequate” quantity designation.


Species Quantity


Cedar, White 3-0 Very limited
Fir, Balsam 3-0 Adequate
Hemlock, Eastern Not available in 2020
Pine, Jack 1-0 Adequate
Pine, Jack 2-0 Very limited
Pine, Red 2-0 Adequate
Pine, Red 3-0 Adequate
Pine, White 2-0 Adequate
Pine, White 3-0 Limited
Spruce, Black 2-0


Spruce, Black 3-0

Very limited

Spruce, White 2-0

Very limited

Spruce, White 3-0



Very limited


Aspen Adequate
Basswood Adequate
Birch, River 1-0 Adequate
Birch, White 1-0 Limited
Birch, Yellow 2-0 Adequate
Butternut Very limited
Cherry, Black 1-0 Adequate
Cherry, Black 2-0 Very limited
Hackberry 1-0 Adequate
Hickory, Bitternut 2-0 Very limited
Hickory, Shagbark 2-0 Very limited
Maple, Red 2-0 Limited
Maple, Silver 1-0 Adequate
Maple, Silver 2-0 Very limited
Maple, Sugar 2-0 Limited
Oak, Bur 1-0 Limited
Oak, Red 1-0 Adequate
Oak, Swamp 1-0 Very limited
Oak, White 1-0 Adequate
Sycamore 1-0 Not available in 2020
Walnut, Black Adequate


Cherry, Choke Adequate
Crabapple, Prairie Very limited
Cranberry, Highbush Not available in 2020
Hawthorn, Cockspur Very limited
Dogwood, Grey Very limited
Dogwood, Red-osier Limited
Dogwood, Silky Adequate
Juneberry (Serviceberry) Adequate
Hazelnut Adequate
Ninebark Limited
Plum, Wild Adequate


If a planting project includes species not found on the above list, it is always possible to purchase seedlings from any of the private nurseries located throughout the state. A listing of these nurseries can be found on the WI DNR website.

More updates will follow over the next couple of months. If you have questions regarding tree seedling availability or anything reforestation related, please contact the reforestation program staff.

Griffith Nursery: (715) 424-3700
Hayward Nursery: (715) 492-1204
Wilson Nursery: (608) 375-4123

Prior to ordering, we recommend you develop a personalized tree planting plan.  This plan, in conjunction with professional forestry guidance, will help you prepare for a successful tree planting project. Your DNR forester can also offer advice on site preparation, species recommendations, equipment needs, and any other questions related to tree planting.

Written by Jeremiah Auer, Regeneration Specialist,, (715) 459-1999