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August 2017

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Statewide News

Wettest year ever

It’s official. January through July 2017 was the wettest Wisconsin has experienced in the 123 years data has been collected. The average across the state was 25.25 inches, which is 7.14 inches above average according to the National Weather Service.  READ MORE ...

Early fall color?

You may be noticing leaves of various hardwood trees already turning to fall color in lowland areas. These lowland areas are holding more water this year and it is affecting the trees.  READ MORE ...

Ladybug larvae don’t look much like ladybugs

Ladybug adults and larvae are great predators of aphids and scales and help keep those pests in check.  Ladybug larvae don’t look much like ladybugs though, so you may not notice them, or you may wonder what the tiny monster is that’s munching on aphids.  READ MORE... 

New emerald ash borer finds in Wisconsin

Much of Wisconsin has reached peak emergence of emerald ash borer adults. EAB continues to be found in new areas. Wisconsin tracks EAB at the municipality or township level. READ MORE...

Oak wilt vs. leaf diseases: Can you tell the difference?

Oak wilt symptoms are active right now, but so are several other oak leaf diseases.  Can you tell the difference?  READ MORE...

Dutch elm disease is prevalent this year

Dutch elm disease seems to be quite prevalent around the state this year, including the northwoods.  Symptoms, including whole tree yellowing and wilting have been occurring this summer, and will continue into this fall.  READ MORE.. 

Japanese Beetle Damage Extensive in 2017

Japanese beetles are abundant and causing extensive damage to many species of plants in 2017.  READ MORE...

East central zone news

Read additional forest health news from the east central zone.

Northeast zone news

Read additional forest health news from the northeast zone.

Northwest zone news

Read additional forest health news from the northwest zone.

West central zone news

Read additional forest health news from the west central zone.

Read ALL forest health news articles posted in chronological order, regardless of geographical relevance.  Remember, each page displays a limited number of articles.  Click "older posts" at the bottom of each page to see additional articles.

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