FoodShare Members Will Have New Options for Submitting the Six-Month Report Form

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FoodShare Members Will Have New Options for Submitting the Six-Month Report Form

Most FoodShare members are required to verify the information on file for their household every six months. A paper Six-Month Report form (also known as a SMRF) and instructions are mailed to FoodShare members when it is time to start this process.

Starting October 24, 2020, FoodShare members will be able to complete and sign a Six-Month Report form over the telephone with their income maintenance or tribal agency. They will also be able to view the Six-Month Report form through the MyACCESS mobile app, and, if they do not have any changes to report, sign and submit the form through the app. Members can also continue to complete the form using the ACCESS website, or submit the paper form in person, by mail, or by fax.

The form includes information on the following, and members are required to review the information and report any changes:

  • Household members.
  • Job income and wages.
  • Other income such as Social Security income, annuity or trust income, alimony/maintenance payments, pension or retirement benefits, and veterans’ benefits.
  • Child Support payments.
  • Address.

If members do not complete and submit their Six-Month Report form by the due date on the form, their FoodShare benefits end. Elderly, blind, and disabled households without earned income and homeless and migrant households are not required to complete a Six-Month Report form.

Note: FoodShare members with Six-Month Reports due in October and November 2020 will not need to complete their report because of changes the Wisconsin Department of Health Services made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Members will be notified when they are required to complete a Six-Month Report form again. At that time, these additional options for submitting the form will be available to them.