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NHSN Enrollment - Facility Set-up

After you receive the email from NHSN indicating facility enrollment has been approved, you need to complete a few steps to prepare for NHSN surveillance data entry. 

Log into NHSN using your SAMS password and grid card and choose the "NHSN Reporting" option. From your facility's NHSN home page, you now need to: 

1. Add users. We recommend having at least two NHSN users per facility to help maintain NHSN access throughout vacations, medical leaves, and staff turnover. SAMS accounts are user-specific, so once you add the new user to the facility, NHSN will automatically send an email to them with instructions to begin the SAMS registration process. 

2. Add locations. Even though LTC surveillance is done at the facility-wide level, you need to map each unit location in the database so when you enter an event, you can indicate the specific location of the resident. You should map each unit, wing, neighborhood, etc. that you have in the facility. You will pick the code and label - just use the names you use internally for those locations. A location definition guide is available with more detail about the specific types of units CDC has available for LTCFs. 

3. Confer rights to DPH. This one-time data linking allows DPH to access your NHSN data in real time for statewide CRE surveillance and to help with technical assistance. Even though more than CRE is checked off in the template for sharing, that does not obligate you to report more than CRE. It just means that DPH can see the other data to help with your questions. 

We'll talk about monthly data entry in the next message: Monthly reporting plan, numerator and denominator.