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Easier College Admissions

Information for Students & Families

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Getting Into College Just Got Easier

Colleges are making big changes to help Washington students access and apply for college. For this year’s seniors, the college admissions process is easier than ever:

  • Test-Optional Admissions: Most Washington colleges no longer require applicants to take standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. Some colleges do require an alternative in place of test scores, such as a letter of recommendation or success in certain high school classes. For those who opt to take the tests, good scores can have some benefits. Learn more about test-optional admissions.
  • Guaranteed College Admissions: Some public and private four-year colleges guarantee admission to qualified students. Requirements vary but typically include meeting high school course requirements and graduating above a specified GPA level. Students still need to apply and complete the admissions process. Learn more about guaranteed college admissions.
  • Open Admission Colleges: Washington’s public two-year community and technical colleges are open access. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED can apply and attend. Test scores and GPAs are not considered. Registration is open year-round, so it’s never too late to get started! Learn more about open admission colleges.

Admissions requirements vary, so always check with each college directly for the latest information.

College or training after high school means more options and greater security—and financial aid, including the generous Washington College Grant, can help cover the costs. More families are eligible than ever before. Apply now!

Learn more and plan your future on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.

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