Neighborhood Council Month in Review - July

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Neighborhood Council Month in Review

July 2019

Program Highlights

During August, Neighborhood and Community Services staff will be reaching out to Neighborhood Council leaders and community to get feedback on program changes as a part of the Neighborhood Council program review. The program review occurs every five years and began in late 2017. 

The feedback gathered this month will be incorporated into a report that will be presented to the Community Vitality and Safety Council Committee on September 12, 2019. The meeting is open to the public to attend, and is at 4:30 pm in Tacoma Municipal Building Room 248. 

There will be two opportunities for in-person feedback and discussion. Community Council on August 22 at 6PM, and on August 26, 5:30-7:30PM both in the Center for Urban Waters at 326 East D St.

You can also give feedback on the proposed changes if you cannot make an in-person discussion through an Online Survey. You can find the reference documents on the City website for review HERE

Questions can be sent to Bucoda Warren, Neighborhood Council Coordinator, at or by phone at 253-594-7925. 

What's Going On?

Last month's emerging issues from across multiple neighborhood councils.

Heidelberg Sports Village Feasibility Study - At the Joint Meeting of the City Council and Metro Parks Board on July 16 the study of the feasibility of a sports village was presented. You can review the full presentation at the link above.

Downtown in Motion - Downtown In Motion offers community members who live in Downtown Tacoma the opportunity to sign up and receive free transportation tools and customized information packets.

Old City Hall Historic District Design Guidelines - New guidelines have been adopted concerns the design of the Old City Hall historic area which includes 30 of the most historic buildings in Tacoma. 

Affordable Housing Revenues - The City Council has adopted Resolution 40388 relating to local retail sales and use tax, stating the City of Tacoma’s intent to authorize the maximum capacity available under the provisions of Substitute House Bill 1406 for affordable and supportive housing.

Recycling Changes - At the City Council  Study Session on August 13, the City Council heard the final presentation on recycling changes.

Upcoming Events and Public Hearings

Coffee with the Mayor - Join Mayor Woodards the next coffee hour from 9 – 10 AM, Friday, August 16 at Old Town Tacoma Anthem Coffee (2312 N. 30th St.). 

Citizen's Forum - The next Citizen's Forum is September 10. Citizen's Forum is an opportunity to speak before Council on any matter the City has jurisdiction over. 

Community Cleanups - The Community Cleanup Program is almost over. The final cleanup is August 17 Jason Lee Middle School, 602 N. Sprague Ave.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments - August 20, 2019 is the date set as the public hearing for amendments to the comprehensive plan. The public hearing will be 5:30 pm that evening in the City Council Chambers. 

Fireman's Park Public Input - The next opportunity for community input is on Thursday, August 29, from 6 – 7 PM, at the Tacoma Municipal Building (747 Market St., room 148). 


Asked & Answered

Below are a list of topics and concerns that came up over the last month during Neighborhood Council meetings city-wide. Read on for clarifications and answers to your questions. 

You Asked for It

Question: I was wondering if the city had anything in place to one, support the homeless campers and two, help maintain the environment where they are camping? The areas are becoming increasingly polluted with trash etc. (Northeast Tacoma) 

Answer: Under City Ordinance vehicles cannot remain in a location longer than 72 hours. The Tacoma Police Department responds to concerns about individuals living in their vehicles by notifying vehicle encamped individuals of the rules and regulations regarding human habitation of vehicles and offering connections to resources, if needed. Resources offered include housing, and connection to mental health or substance use services. If there is excessive trash, litter or debris that cannot be managed by the individual living in their vehicle, City staff may arrange for cleanup services.

For generalized litter and debris along public rights of way, the City offers Neighborhood Litter Patrol and Adopt-A-Spot for volunteer litter collection. These programs provide cleanup materials and free pickup through Solid Waste. Participation in these programs may be requested by contacting 311.

The last request for individuals living in their vehicles in the vicinity of Marine View Drive was logged in May 2019. Residents are encouraged to continue to report concerns regarding individuals living in their vehicles to 311 so that the City may offer connection to resources and address any cleanup needs.

Neighborhood Enhancement staff, Keegan Buckley at 253-591-5634, is available to meet with you if you would like to discuss this or any other concerns in your neighborhood. You can also see current encampments through the Homeless Encampment Mapping Tool.

Question: Is it acceptable for meter readers to enter your yard to read the neighbors meters, or tell you that they will just estimate the meters if you do not allow them to? I feel like I am being forced to let them ready my neighbors meters. (South Tacoma) 

Answer: Under no circumstance should you feel forced to allow a meter reader into your yard. There are several new meter readers who are short-term contract staff who may not be displaying the regular courtesy of utility employees. 

Customer Service managers reiterated to all personnel the need for being courteous and respecting customers wishes that if they desire meter readers to not access their property that we find alternative methods of obtaining reads. If you have concerns you can email the Customer Service Manager, Steve Hatcher, at