Project update: East Link Extension

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Project update

Photo of train track construction at Bellevue Downtown Station, East Link Extension Project update

Changes are coming to the Eastside!

In late 2022, it was announced that East Link would fully open no earlier than spring of 2025, with the possibility of an Eastside only starter line opening in Bellevue and Redmond in 2024.

Since that announcement, work has continued and we’ve made great progress. Track work is ongoing with day and night work from International District/Chinatown Station through Mercer Island Station to replace unsafe plinths and ensure a well-built and long-lasting light rail system. Along with this work, crews are putting the finishing touches on the stations and testing has started in Bellevue.

Read on for the status of each part of the 14-mile light rail extension.


  • Open: 2025*
  • Length: 14 miles; 10 stations
  • Service: Every 8 minutes during peak hours.

Projected travel times:

  • Mercer Island to University of Washington: 20 minutes
  • South Bellevue to Sea-Tac Airport: 50 minutes
  • Redmond Technology to Downtown Bellevue: 10 minutes

The work continues

Photo of the Link Light Rail at a link station and view of escalators/stairs

We’re putting final touches on the station to prepare for the East Link opening, estimated for 2025.


  • Testing is already underway for this section of light rail. The majority of the testing is happening in the Bellevue area.
  • There is a section of at-grade track in the Bel-Red area.
  • People should assume there are trains on the tracks at all times.

Seattle to Mercer Island:
Continued track repairs

  • Demolition
  • Rebuild
  • Ongoing replacement of the track in several spots along the East Link alignment between Seattle and Mercer Island, including sections of the I-90 bridge. Crews are working both day and night shifts. This work is scheduled to continue through the end of 2023.

Station Highlights

Judkins Park Station:

Photo of Judkins park station entrance showing the station art mural

We’re working to make the Judkins Park Link station accessible and safe for transit users and our neighbors in the community.

  • Bike facts
    • Judkins Park will have secure bike parking for 44 bikes. Once the station opens, the use of this storage will be monitored and expanded if needed.
    • In total, secure bike storage along East Link will be able to hold 259 bikes.
  • More information can be found on the station access project page 

Mercer Island: MITI update

Aerial view of Mercer Island Transit Interchange, East Link Extension

The Mercer Island Station platform lies in the center of I-90’s eastbound and westbound lanes and will feature art celebrating the island’s history.

  • Art at Mercer Island
    • Local artist Beliz Brother took inspiration for historical photographs and from life experience. “It was an island that was not connected to land for many years — it didn’t have a bridge until 1940,” Brother says. “The form of transportation was boats: ferries, canoes, sailboats, and rowboats.”

Bellevue Stations:

Photo of South Bellevue Park and Ride

The South Bellevue Station Park-and-Ride Lot is open!

  • Light rail in Bellevue is in the final stages of construction. We’re adding the finishing touches to the stations and preparing for opening.
  • The South Bellevue Station Park and Ride is open and operational and is already being used as a bus stop. Once East Link opens, this will be a hub offering expanded access to light rail.
  • Make sure to check out the beautiful sculptures and water fountain at the newly opened East Main Station Plaza.
  • King County Parks is putting the final touches on the Eastrail Multi-use Corridor that will connect the trail system to light rail! Read more about the project on King County’s project page.

More project info:
Get in touch: or 206-398-5300