Project update: NE 130th Street Infill Station

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Project update

Rendering image of the link light rail approaching a station platform

NE 130th Street Infill Station Updates

Early construction and project final design progress — NE 130th Street Station on schedule for mid-2026 opening
Last year, the Sound Transit Board of Directors acted to ensure our voter-approved transit expansion program remains on-budget in the face of regional real estate and construction costs driving up future project estimates. Since this action, design and early construction of the NE 130th Street Infill Station have continued.

This summer, the Board approved additional budget and contract changes for the advanced delivery of the NE 130th Street Infill Station, which also included adjustments to the schedule. Our current schedule anticipates an opening in mid-2026, revised from the original 2031 opening date projected in ST3.

Advanced delivery of the NE 130th Street Infill Station is underway
Project budget, schedule adjustments and change orders for existing construction contracts were adopted in June. A new construction package will allow station platform and canopy structural steel to be completed prior to electrification of the Lynnwood Link Extension overhead traction power, which allows operational testing prior to Lynnwood Link’s projected opening in 2024. Completing this NE 130th Street Infill Station work earlier reduces construction risks and disruption of operations for Lynnwood Link that may be necessary when working next to a live system. The initial structural package will be completed by summer of 2023.

A second construction contract for station finishes will be bid in Q2 2023, with work anticipated to begin summer 2023, and work handed off from the current contractor. The final package includes construction of station finishes and plaza and roadway improvements. Additional schedule details for the package will be available once a construction contractor has been selected.

Project design progress and review
Sound Transit continues to partner on the design and permitting process with the City of Seattle, King County and the Washington State Department of Transportation. This includes working with the Seattle Design Commission to review and approve station designs this year.

Previous 60% station designs were shared with the community in fall 2020. The Sound Transit design team will incorporate the feedback we received as they continue to develop the design of the NE 130th Street Infill Station.

The project team presented 60% design for station finishes to the Seattle Design Commission on Feb. 3, 2022. We will present a 90% station design at the Seattle Design Commission’s upcoming Dec. 1 meeting. More information about Seattle Design Commission meetings and review of the 130th Street Infill Station’s design can be found here.

Artist selection
On May 17, a panel of individuals from the art and design community, together with neighborhood representatives, selected the artist Romson Bustillo to develop the design for the station artwork. Born on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, Romson Regarde Bustillo is a Seattle-based artist. His layered works and immersive collaborations are tied to his Philippine lineage, South Seattle/Pacific Northwest upbringing, and research travels. Romson Bustillo has been under contract since July and has been meeting with station architects to deliver a work plan for the whole project. The artwork will span the length of the station, from paint on the guideway column at the south entrance, to porcelain enamel panels in and around the stair enclosures both at the north and south ends of the station, to porcelain tile applied to the east-facing side of the ancillary wall.

What’s next

  • Sound Transit will continue to coordinate on design and permitting with our agency partners.
  • Station platform and structural steel is under construction and will be completed by August 2023.
  • A finalized station design will result in a bid for construction of the station finishes package, anticipated in Q2 2023.
  • Community members can expect more information about final station design and what to expect during construction of station finishes, plaza and roadway improvements in early summer 2023.
  • Future updates and materials will be posted on our project website.

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