Construction alert: Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension

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Construction alert

Weekly Construction Update for September 23rd: MLK and 9th St. Intersection East Leg Closure

Construction activities are occurring throughout the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension project area that include crews continuing to finish the roadway restoration, working on station finishes, adjusting utilities, paint striping on the street, systems testing, installing crosswalks in various locations along the Hilltop Tacoma Link project area. Please allow for extra travel time to get to your destination and follow detour signage. For details of the traffic control impacts, please scroll down to the “Where” section.

Access is open to hospitals, medical centers and the emergency department during construction.

Please support your local businesses during construction and stay Loyal to the Local!


Continued construction and traffic restrictions along Stadium Way, N. 2nd St., Division Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Way and the Dome District


September 23rd Update. Work will occur during the day and nighttime hours.


Entire project area:

  • Daytime and nighttime track testing, electrical testing, light installation, and overhead wiring work for the future light rail system will be occurring in various locations along the alignment during the week (Commerce St., Stadium Way, N. 1st St., Division Ave., and MLK Jr. Way). During this construction activity the contractor has obtained a nighttime noise variance and will need to temporarily remove parking and shift traffic to maintain a safe working area.
  • Rail grinding is scheduled to start as early as October 6th. This work will occur at night and will involve a slow-moving operation along the alignment. Impacts include traffic control in grinding areas, sparks coming from the machine and noise from the operations.

Dome District:

  • Westbound E. 25th Street between G and K streets closure through early October for restoration of the roadway.

Commerce/Stadium Way:

  • There will be continued closure between S. 9th Street and S. 7th with local access only from S. 9th Street on Commerce Street for rail testing. There will be additional rework to pass the electrical rail testing which will require the contractor to extend their nighttime work for another week.
  • Commerce and S. 7th Street intersection will close on Monday September 26th to vehicle traffic. Local access from Stadium Way to the Diamond parking lot will be open.
  • The Tacoma Link line is not in service and the shuttle bus is available to ride. The temporary stop is located on Pacific Avenue will remain until further notice.

Stadium District (N. E St., N 1st St., Division Ave.):

  • Northbound MLK Jr. Way and Division is fully closed for sewer installation. This work is scheduled to be completed by early October.
  • (Postponed) N. Tacoma Ave. and N. 1st Street work will be scheduled for a later date. You will see crews do prep work on the corners before the work starts. When this work occurs, the crosswalks will need to be closed to restore the sidewalk, ramps and utilities. Vehicle and sidewalk access will be maintained. Parking will need to be removed near work areas. Some of the work will require lane closures to N. Tacoma Ave. and N 1st St.
  • The Northbound lane of MLK to Eastbound Division is now open. All other directions remain closed at that intersection while work will continue along Westbound Division Ave and Southbound MLK Jr. Way to complete the sewer installation, electrical work and restoration. Sewer, electrical, and restoration work is scheduled to be completed by early October.
  • Future street closures:
    • N 2nd Street from I Street to the alley will have a full street closure so Century Link can relocate utilities prior to road restoration. This work is scheduled to start as early as Friday, September 16th and will take about a week to complete.
    • N 2nd Street from N Yakima Ave. and I Street full street closure for roadway has been temporarily opened but is scheduled to return at a future date.
    • Northbound N. Tacoma Ave Closure at N. 1st Street will occur at a future date.
    • South and North J Street full closure at Division Avenue will occur at a future date.

Hilltop/MLK Jr. Way:

  • S. 9th Street between MLK Jr. Way and S. J Street closure is now scheduled to close as early as September 22nd. This work will last through early October.
  • Northbound MLK from 5th St to Division will close in early October for restoration work for the MultiCare valet along with pedestrian walkways and the roadway.
  • Future street closures:
    • S. 11 Street between MLK Jr. Way and S. L Street closure is scheduled for restoration and crosswalk work in early October. This work is dependent on S. 9th Street completion. Temporary angled parking will be inserted during this closure for Northbound traffic on both sides of MLK Jr. Way to mitigate for the loss of parking).
    • Crews will be working on MLK Jr. Way at S. 14th, Earnest S Brazil and S 10th streets. Work will require a full closure of MLK and/or directional closure to install drainage along the future light rail trackway. Each location will take about 6 days of work and will be completed in October.


  • Cross the street at only designated crosswalks. For wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and bicyclists’ cross tracks at a right angle. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Driveway and pedestrian access are maintained, although some sidewalks and crosswalks will be temporarily closed. Pedestrian detours will be in place.
  • Crews will be installing lighting along MLK and Division. Please look out for 'No Parking' signs to allow crews to easily access their work areas.
  • Buses will follow detour routes. Visit for information.
  • Construction noise related to removing pavement and operating equipment.
  • Large construction equipment or materials may be in the right-of-way.
  • Work will occur during the daytime and nighttime hours. Saturday work can start as early as 7am. 
  • Businesses are open during construction. Supports your local business and stay Loyal to the Local!
  • Plan ahead and allow extra time to reach your destination.
  • Due to inclement weather or unforeseen issues, dates and times are subject to change.

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