Project update: Auburn Station Parking and Access Improvements

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Project update

Photo of passengers boarding the sounder train at Auburn Station

Passengers at Auburn Station platform.

Your input informs visual design for Auburn garage

This spring we asked for your input on the look and feel of the new garage planned for Auburn Station. Through an online open house and station drop-in session, we heard from more than 70 people about preferred design elements. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We crafted a vision statement based on community input; read an excerpt below or the full statement included in the outreach summary (pages 8-9). The statement will be included in project requirements that guide the firm that will design and construct the garage.

Excerpt from Visual Design Vision Statement

Input from the design workshop and online survey reflected a strong desire for a garage that is welcoming and safe. The design of the garage must be transparent and open while providing screening that softens the look of the garage, so it is still inviting and complements the downtown area. Lighting that enhances safety and serves as an inviting architectural feature is also critical.

Given its location at the intersection of historic, commercial, residential, and industrial areas, the garage design must work within the existing context by incorporating a mix of materials and breaking up the mass of the building. The garage must account for the pedestrian experience in a walkable area, as it will be viewed both close-up and from far away. The facades facing south and east (towards downtown) are of particular significance to the downtown experience by both pedestrians and cars. The west façade, facing the tracks, is visible to rail passengers upon their arrival to the City, and its design will be part of their initial impression. The north façade, while not as visible, should still create an attractive view for the neighbors to the north.

Frequently asked questions

We heard questions and comments from many of you on topics such as safety at the new garage. Read more in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the outreach summary (pages 6-7).

What’s next

We are working now to procure a contractor to design and construct the garage. We expect to share final designs with the community in late 2023 and to begin construction in late 2023 or early 2024.

Read the outreach summary

Sounder trips restored: Try the train later in the morning

On September 19th, Sound Transit restored two S Line (Sounder South) weekday trips:

  • Southbound: 8:22am departure from Auburn - reaches Tacoma at 8:52am.
  • Northbound: 10:58am departure from Auburn - reaches Seattle at 11:32am.

Whether you are traveling for work, appointments or fun, Sounder provides a great alternative to sitting in traffic.

Concerned about finding a parking space in the Auburn Station garage? With the increase in work from home options, this garage has not been filling to capacity. Sounder not running when you need to head to Seattle? Try ST Express 578 – catch it at Auburn Station and arrive in downtown Seattle in about 50 minutes.

View the S Line schedule

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