Project update: Stride S3 Line

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Project update

Image of a Sound Transit Route 522 bus traveling on a tree-lined road, Stride S3 Line

Bus lane improvements for Stride BRT along 522 in Bothell

Stride S3 Line is moving towards 60% design

In this phase, we will clarify the design plans for the project and begin construction in some areas as the project moves closer to the 60% design milestone. At 60% design the project will:

  • Begin finalizing the design of roadway and sidewalks.
  • Begin finalizing station design and begin the design of public art at stations.
  • Obtain land use, environmental and construction permits.
  • Continue engaging with and providing feedback opportunities for the public, community groups, businesses, elected officials and partner agencies to comment on and inform the design.

As this phase continues, we will periodically provide updates to affected property owners and other community members. You can expect to hear project updates from us via email on a frequent basis at or phone 206-553-3412.

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Staking the Right-of-Way line

In the coming weeks and months, Sound Transit will stake and use paint markings to indicate the existing right-of-way line in front of properties where we will be acquiring property rights along SR 522 and NE 145th Street. This is being done to accurately depict what is in the right-of-way. The surveyors who are staking the right-of-way line will stay in the right-of-way. You may see surveyors near your property.

Image of Sound Transit bus traveling down SR 522

ST Express bus makes its way down SR 522 in Bothell.

Property Owner Updates - S3 Line

Sound Transit will contact impacted property owners before properties are presented to the Sound Transit Board. The Sound Transit Board will consider a resolution authorizing the acquisition of property interests needed for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the SR 522 BRT Project. The property owner of record will receive a notice identifying the time, place, and in person or virtual location of the Board Meeting. If you receive a notice, it means Sound Transit will be taking the following steps:

  • Identifying the type of acquisition (i.e. partial or full acquisition, temporary construction easement, etc.).
  • Officially notifying property owners that their property is being considered by the Sound Transit Board and providing the date of the Board meeting.
  • Preparing property information for Sound Transit board review and approval.
  • Accepting public comments from affected property owners via email or during the Board meeting.

Once the resolution is approved, the design will be finalized and a right of way agent will contact you to discuss the details and specific rights Sound Transit proposes to acquire. Over the next six to nine months, Sound Transit will:

  • Apply refinements as needed and finalize the design.
  • Assign a real property agent to each impacted property to work with property owners throughout the acquisition process.
  • Schedule an appraisal to carefully consider all of the elements that determine the fair market value of the property rights to be acquired. The property owner will have an opportunity to attend the appraisal.
  • Submit a written offer with a copy of the appraisal to consider the merits of its offer.

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image of an ST Express bus traveling along SR 522

ST Express bus along SR 522.

Business Access and Transit lanes now open in Bothell

At an event in Bothell on July 20th, elected officials, transit executives and community stakeholders joined together to celebrate the opening of Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes, an important milestone for the Stride S3 line bus rapid transit project, currently scheduled to open in 2026. The dedicated lanes, which are now open for use by King County Metro and ST Express buses, will facilitate fast, frequent and reliable bus service connecting Bothell to the future Shoreline South Link light rail station.

"Our community is thrilled for the completion of SR 522 Phase 3," said Bothell Mayor Mason Thompson. "Bus Rapid Transit helps us create a downtown Bothell that is walkable and vibrant while supporting more badly needed housing in the downtown core. It is essential to help us get around but also to achieve our housing and climate goals."

"The opening of these dedicated lanes is the first major milestone for our Stride program along the I-405 and SR 522 corridors," said Sound Transit Interim CEO Brooke Belman. "These lanes provide the framework for the speedy and reliable service that is the heart of the Stride program. Even before the S3 line opens, transit passengers are now able to enjoy the advantages that these lanes will offer."

The Stride S3 line will cover about nine miles and serve 14 stations. Similar to light rail service, bus rapid transit is designed for fast arrivals and departures, including off-board fare payment and multiple-door entry and exit. New bus lanes and transit priority improvements, including the BAT lanes, help riders avoid traffic and travel faster.

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Fieldwork activities along SR 522 for the future S3 Line

Fieldwork is continuing along the SR 522 corridor. There may be occasional lane closures and flaggers directing traffic, so fieldwork crews have adequate space to safely perform their work. We are also performing fieldwork activities on private properties. Our fieldwork activities could include:

  • Tree survey: Identifying tree species on the property, assessing current condition and in some cases marking them with a small tag or dot of paint.
  • Topography survey: Gathering information on the grading and topography of the property.
  • Geotechnical borings: Collecting soil and groundwater samples for analysis. Groundwater monitoring equipment may be installed so crews can observe water levels by visiting the sites every few months for measurements.
  • Potholing: Determining the location of existing utilities and investigating underground conditions.

Fieldwork results will help the design team better understand the existing conditions of the project corridor and refine designs of the future S3 line. We are coordinating directly with partner agencies and private property owners for fieldwork activities.

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