Project update: Kent Station Parking and Access Improvements

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Project update

Passengers at Kent Station platform.

Passengers at Kent Station platform.

Your input informs visual design for Kent Station garage

This spring we asked for your input on the look and feel of the new garage planned for Kent Station. Through an online open house and station drop-in session, we heard from more than 200 people about preferred design elements. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We crafted a vision statement based on community input; read an excerpt below or the full statement included in the outreach summary (pages 7-8). The statement will be included in project requirements that guide the firm that will design and construct the garage.

Visual Design Vision Statement

Theme: Modern Urban Village

The garage design shall take cues from the rich history of Kent’s vibrant downtown while looking towards the future, reflecting the city’s growth in tech savvy industries; providing a space of convergence between the historic and contemporary.

The garage’s site is on a prominent corner in an urban area with all four sides visible to the public. The overall design must reflect a comprehensive concept, with a clearly identifiable point of entry. It shall lend itself to an urban area, activating its surroundings by being lively with a modern sensibility.

Overall, there is a community desire to demonstrate visual richness, either through colorful lighting, variety in the use of materials, or dynamic patterns that contribute to façade screening on all sides with visibility both day and night. Variability in height and depth, along with layering materials and spaces and emphasizing architectural elements, shall help dissolve the mass of the building and create a visually engaging and activated garage.

Read the full vision statement (pages 7-8)

Frequently Asked Questions

We heard questions and comments from many of you on topics such as safety at the new garage. Read more in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the outreach summary (pages 5-6).

What’s next?

We are working now to procure a contractor to design and construct the garage. We expect to share final designs with the community in mid-2023 and to begin construction in late 2023.

Read the outreach summary

Game train passengers arriving at King Street Station

Game train passengers arriving at King Street Station

Weekend Sounder trains – not just for sports fans

Want to take your kids to the Seattle Aquarium or an out-of-town guest to Pike Place Market? Driving to Seattle can be a mess on weekends, not to mention the cost of parking. But there is another way. Sound Transit runs trains to many weekend day games when the Mariners, Sounders FC or Seahawks are in town. You don’t have to attend the game to ride the train – take the opportunity to explore Seattle for a few hours!
Upcoming game trains:

  • Jul 9: Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers
  • Jul 10: Mariners vs. Toronto Blue Jays
  • Jul 24: Mariners vs. Houston Astros
  • Aug 7: Mariners vs. Los Angeles Angels
  • Aug 28: Mariners vs. Cleveland Guardians

See all upcoming Sounder event trains.

Learn more about weekend game trains

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