Project update: Downtown Redmond Link Extension

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Project update

Web map for Redmond Link Extension Project

Downtown Redmond Link will add two new stations in Redmond, one in SE Redmond and one in Downtown Redmond

Downtown Redmond Link nears final selection of station names – we need your input!

The Downtown Redmond Link Extension (DRLE) adds two new light rail stations in southeast Redmond, serving Marymoor Village near Marymoor Park, and in the downtown residential and retail core. These two stations open in 2024, a year after completion of East Link to Overlake Village and Redmond Technology Stations, opening in 2023.

With DRLE opening in 2024, Sound Transit’s Board of Directors will soon be voting to select the final names for the two DRLE stations. We would like to share some information about how Sound Transit approaches station naming, explain where we are in the process, and ask for your feedback on the two final names in Southeast (SE) Redmond.

How Did We Get Here?

Since the early phases of the DRLE project, multiple names have been considered for the stations in SE Redmond and Downtown Redmond. Through collaboration with the City of Redmond, King County, and current Sound Transit riders, the list of potential names was narrowed down to a “short list.”

Additionally, Sound Transit’s Board of Directors updated the agency Station Naming Policy in the fall of 2021. The policy was updated to ensure station and facility names are relevant to the communities they serve, allow for future system expansion, and most importantly, reduce rider confusion and help passengers find their way within the system. The policy calls for:

  • An emphasis on geography – city, neighborhood, landmark, or a combination of those
  • Reducing the length and character counts of station names
  • Avoiding redundancy or confusion with existing facilities

Informed by this new policy, Sound Transit staff ran the “short list” of potential station names for the two new Redmond stations through our newly established criteria. For the Downtown station, the results were clear: “Downtown Redmond Station” outperformed all other potential names.

For the station in SE Redmond, the short list includes two potential names:

Marymoor Village Station and Marymoor Station

Marymoor Village Station is a reference to the City’s planned mixed-use, transit-oriented development adjacent to the station and Marymoor Park, called “Marymoor Village.” Click here to learn more about Marymoor Village.

Marymoor Station generally refers to the area which includes the future Marymoor Village and Marymoor Park, immediately adjacent to SE Redmond station.

What Happens Next?

Prior to Sound Transit’s Board of Directors making the final decision on the DRLE station names, Sound Transit staff want to hear your thoughts.

How Can I Get Involved?

Help evaluate the two potential names for the SE Redmond station using our new station naming policy here. This survey will remain open until April 18, 2022.

Take the survey!

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