Construction alert: South Bellevue

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Construction alert:

South Bellevue

April 13, 2018

Night work in South Bellevue

Starting Monday, April 16, crews with Sound Transit's contractor will begin night work to construct columns and column caps in advance of elevated guideway construction in south Bellevue. Night work supporting this activity is expected to last for eight weeks.

Work hours:  8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Equipment: Cranes, concrete trucks, concrete pump rigs, light plants, generators and aerial lifts

Noise: There will be noise from cranes, steel beam erection, concrete trucks and associated equipment while crews set steel falsework, forms, install steel rebar cages, place concrete in forms and remove forms. Equipment/vehicles will utilize broadband backup alarms. Sound Transit's contractor is permitted to work expanded hours along Bellevue Way Southeast, including 24-hour work in the area south of the future South Bellevue Station site.

Map of ramp closures off I-90 to Bellevue Way Southeast. 4/13/2018

Traffic impacts: The work will require the closure of all I-90 to northbound Bellevue Way Southeast ramps from 8 PM to 5 AM.  During the closure of the I-90 to northbound Bellevue Way Southeast ramps, all lanes of Bellevue Way Southeast will remain open and drivers traveling southbound on Bellevue Way Southeast will continue to have access to eastbound and westbound I-90.

  • All lanes of Bellevue Way Southeast between the Wye at 112th Avenue Southeast and I-90 will remain open.
  • Ramps from southbound Bellevue Way Southeast to westbound and eastbound I-90 will remain open.
  • No access from I-90 to northbound Bellevue Way Southeast.
  • The sidewalk on Bellevue Way Southeast in this area is also closed; people biking and walking should seek alternate routes.
  • Northbound Bus stops on Bellevue Way Southeast, south of the Wye at 112th Avenue Southeast will be closed and riders will need to use alternate stops located on Bellevue Way Southeast, north of the Wye. All southbound bus stops on Bellevue Way Southeast will remain open.
  • Detour from I-90 to Bellevue Way Southeast and 112th Avenue Southeast via I-405 and Southeast 8th.

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