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News from Councilmember Megan Dunn

May 2020

Megan Dunn's eNewsletter

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Paula Rhyne, Legislative Aide


In today’s newsletter, I’m writing to share more about what my office and the County are doing to restart our economyI’m hearing from many small business owners and employees who are struggling right now and have hopes that the economy will pick up before it’s too late for them or their families. I’m also hearing from workers and individual proprietors who want to make sure they are safe to return to work and local residents grateful for the hard work of everyone staying home and following the Governor's guidelines. It’s important that as the gears of the economy start to turn again as things slowly open back up, businesses and consumers both have what they need to return to their workplace, or return to their favorite business, with confidence.  

Below I share the work I am leading to help District 2 recover from the economic impacts of this virus, and how I’m putting the voices of the most vulnerable communities, customers, and employees at the forefront of this recovery. Listed below are also ways that you can participate in these discussions. Your perspective matters to me and will be taken into consideration as I move forward with economic recovery recommendations that benefit everyone.  

If you have any questions, or if I can be of service in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at 425-388-3494, or you can email me at Megan.Dunn@snoco.org

In Service, 

Megan Dunn 

Economic Recovery Advisory Group

The County recently announced the creation of the Office of Economic Recovery and Resiliency. This office will be working on developing policies within the County to help us bounce back from the economic impacts of this virus, as well as establishing strategies to help the County withstand any future devastating events. Snohomish County has also launched an Economic and Workforce Recovery Task Force, informed by Advisory Groups in each Council District, to develop strategies to support the County’s economic recovery and build long-term economic resiliency following COVID-19. 

To support this office’s charge, I recently announced the creation of the District 2 Economic Recovery Advisory Group. This group was created in conjunction with Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin, Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson, and Tulalip Tribal leadership.  

My District’s Advisory Group is comprised of local small business owners, non-profit groups, artists and entertainers, and governmental leaders in District 2, which includes Tulalip, Everett, and Mukilteo. During the first phase, the Advisory Group will focus on planning for economic recovery by gathering data and information about business impacts, surveying the needs of businesses and organizations to support recovery, and developing strategies to support county-wide recovery.  

The second phase of discussions will focus on resiliency planning. During this phase, we will develop strategies to foster long-term economic growth and support resiliency in the economy. Advisory Group members will play a significant role in developing strategies to support businesses reopening and recovering, employee rehiring and training, and preparing our County for economic resiliency. 

In addition to the Advisory Groupam hosting a series of Business Sector Advisory Meetings. If you own a business or are an employee whose income has been impacted by COVID, you are welcome to join the meeting that corresponds with your business sector. To participate in your business sector's meeting, please register on this website.

Here are the dates and times of the meetings: 

  • Monday, 5/4 from 2-3pm: Business–EntertainmentHospitality, and businesses for over 18+ crowds (bars, tattoo shops, dispensaries, etc.) 
  • Tuesday, 5/5 from 10:30-11:30am: Business – Manufacturing 
  • Tuesday, 5/5 from 3-4pm: Government 
  • Thursday, 5/7 from 2-3pm: Non-Profit – Healthcare 
  • Monday, 5/11 from 9-10am: Retail  
  • Monday, 5/11 from 3-4p: Non-Profit – (Human Services, Labor, and Other) 

It’s been my priority to reach out to the workers who have been most impacted by the shut down and the virus. Our latest studies show the people most susceptible and at risk of contracting COVID are those that work directly with the public, which are typically low wage jobs and the families that are the least economically stable. In light of this, I’m making an intentional effort to reach out to our small businesses and sole proprietors who are least able to withstand this downturn to be sure that the County is responding in a way to help them get back on their feet.  

I also invite you to participate in an online Needs Assessment Survey to share how you have been affected and send this to other businesses. The survey is available in English and SpanishYour answers to the survey will be compiled into a final report that the Economic Task Force will review as they make policy decisions. Please share these links with other businesses that you know so that we can have maximum participation. 

In the Community

Everett Public Library is continuing with their weekly Children’s Storytime events, they’re just virtual now! Library story times have been moved online and are accessible through their website here. Enjoy classics like The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Two Little Hands, Ten Little Fingers – both available in Spanish, too! 

Everett Public Libraries

Everett Farmers Market opens this Sunday, May 3, but it will be quite a bit different than usual as it will be a pre-order and drive-up market! Use this link to pre-order from a limited number of vendorsI’m glad to see that local farmers and farm workers can still be supported during this time while still staying socially distant. SNAP customers can also order with participating vendors and can swipe their card at the Market HQ Booth when they arrive. Many thanks to everyone who worked hard to get this up and running. 

Everett Farmers Market

Communities of Color Coalition (C3), in partnership with multiple organizations from the Snohomish County Census Alliance, will be holding a special 2020 Census promotional event: a FREE Curbside lunch giveaway. It will be held this Saturday 5/2 from 1-3pm at 14 restaurants countywide. To participate, go to one of the restaurants listed at this link to receive information on how to easily respond to the 2020 census and to receive a free boxed lunch. Please show up as close to 1pm as possible since each restaurant will be providing around 100 or more lunches.  

2020 Census

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