News from County Executive Dave Somers: September 2019

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News from the County Executive

September 2019

Executive Somers Proposes 2020 Budget


County Executive Somers Hands 2020 Proposed Budget to Chair Ryan

Today, I delivered my proposed 2020 budget to the Snohomish County Council. My budget focuses on public safety and the opioid crisis, environmental and fiscal sustainability, housing affordability, and public service.

Every year we take this opportunity to examine our priorities as a region and a government. The budget may seem like just numbers on a page. In truth, it is a reflection of our values. It is our mission statement for the year. This year’s proposed budget maintains our focus on transforming county government in order to meet the needs of our residents.

Included in the proposed budget are a number of new programs and announcements:

  • A new fund for addressing high priority needs resulting from the opioid epidemic and disbursed through the Multi-Agency Coordination Group (MAC Group).
  • A Law and Justice Study to develop a holistic roadmap for reforming public safety in Snohomish County.
  • Funds for a severe weather shelter.
  • The establishment of a Climate Change Advisory Committee.
  • Funding to begin construction of the Sheriff’s new South Precinct.
  • The renovation of a section of Denny Juvenile Justice Center for use in recovery and treatment of those suffering from addiction.
  • Funding to create the county’s clean energy plan, helping us achieve our goal of a 100% renewable energy county government by 2040.
  • Additional investments in the Revenue Stabilization Fund, established to help the county should the economy soften.

Executive Somers spoke about the need to address the affordable housing crisis affecting people across the income spectrum. He also addressed the impacts on individuals, families and communities of the opioid crisis, stressing the need for continued partnerships within and across the county.

We don’t reach our goals alone. Rather, we rely on our partners working here on the county campus, as well as leaders across the county in business, non-profits, and other governments. It isn’t the title we hold that matters, but instead the value we place on making our community stronger year over year. We fulfill our responsibilities fully aware that we must use resources wisely and with restraint.

I offer my proposed 2020 budget as the best way for us to reach our goals together and reinforce our values as a community. We have advanced a vision of partnership to serve the public and take another step toward achieving our goals. I believe this proposed budget for 2020 allows us to plan for the future we choose.

Dave Sommers

Dave Somers
County Executive

3000 Rockefeller Ave., 

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Everett, WA 98201


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