Special Edition - Historic First Flight from Paine Field

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Special Edition - Historic First Flight from Paine Field

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Wheels Up on This Historic First Day for Snohomish County

First Flight Jet Sitting at Terminal

First Flight Alaska Jet

Today at 9:48 AM, the first commercial flight departed from Paine Field to Portland and back from Propeller’s new terminal.  The sendoff included a water cannon salute by the Snohomish County Airport Paine Field Fire Department!

Photo of media at news conference

News Media Conference

I was honored to be invited by Propeller and Alaska Airlines to be on this historic first flight today.  As the deciding vote on the County Council to bring commercial air service to Paine Field, it was gratifying to see the beautiful new terminal open and operational!  Our residents will now have a convenient commute to catch a commercial flight to many desirable destinations. (As well as shorter lines and the comfort of nicest terminal in the United States!)

Photo of Terry Ryan and Sheriff Trenary holding boarding passes

Council Chair Ryan with Sheriff Trenary

Paine Field History- Back in 1936 when construction began, the intent of Paine Field was for it to be the commercial service airport serving Puget Sound.  However, around the time the airport was completed and ready for operations, World War II broke out and the Army Air Corps took over the airfield for military operations.

Image of Terry and Executive Somers  and Elaine Somers on first flight

Elaine Somers, Executive Dave Somers and Council Chair Ryan aboard the first flight.

The honor of the first commercial flight out of Paine Field goes to Alaska Airlines.  Initial Alaska routes will be served by a state-of-the-art fleet of brand-new Embraer E-175 jets.  Alaska will have 18 flights daily out of Paine Field to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County/Santa Ana, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

United Airlines will begin daily service from Paine Field on March 31.  Destinations include Denver and San Francisco.

Photo of Terry Ryan, Sheriff Trenary, Peter Camp and Eric Parks

Council Chair Ryan, Sheriff Trenary, Hearing Examiner Peter Camp and Deputy Executive Eric Parks

The advent of commercial air service at Paine Field will have a direct economic benefit to Snohomish County.  We will leverage this new air service to attract new businesses, investments, tourism and jobs to Everett and Snohomish County.

Photo of Terry Ryan and Cassie Franklin

Council Chair Terry Ryan with Everett Mayor, Cassie Franklin

Thank you to Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports, and Brad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Airlines, for believing and investing in Snohomish County!

Jet at Paine Field

Jet at Paine Field Terminal

Grand Opening Gala

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden with Terry Ryan

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden and Terry Ryan

After a decade of efforts, metro Seattle’s second commercial passenger airport will open to the traveling public on March 4th.  Paine Field is the first airport in the nation where terminal facilities are entirely privately developed and operated.

For over eighty years Paine Field has been a critical part of our nation’s aerospace infrastructure.  As an air base for the U.S. military starting in World War II, a training facility for pilots, and the site of “first flight” for many of Boeing’s iconic aircraft including the 747, 767, 777 and the 787. Today the airport remains one of the world’s most important aerospace manufacturing centers.

Propeller’s dedication and perseverance in getting this terminal built, as well as attracting Alaska Airlines and United Airlines is a game changer for Snohomish County.

Thank you to Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports for everything you have done for Snohomish County and our residents!

Senator Patty Murray Touring Paine Field

Photo of Exec Somers, Brett Smith, Sen Murray and Terry Ryan

County Executive Dave Somers, Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports, Senator Patty Murray and Terry Ryan

Thank you to Senator Patty Murray for taking time out of her busy schedule to tour the new Paine Field Terminal.  Senator Murray and her staff do an excellent job staying in touch with the needs of our County.

Paine Field Terminal Recognized by the National Council for Public Private Partnerships

Propeller Airports has been recognized by the National Council for Public-Private-Partnerships for its innovative design and construction of the new Paine Field Passenger Terminal.  The new terminal was designed, financed, and built by Propeller in partnership with Snohomish County, and will be serviced by Alaska and United Airlines.

The award comes as Propeller prepares for the start of commercial service by Alaska Airlines on March 4th, followed by United Airlines on March 31st.  The airport will have 24 daily flights to nine destinations.

“We’re honored that our vision and hard work to put together this project was recognized by the Council,” said Brett Smith, CEO Propeller Airports. “What we’ve done with Snohomish County is a model that can be replicated nationwide and can bring tremendous benefits to local economies without burdening taxpayers. We’ve built an airport for the future by bringing back some of the glamour and service of the past, with tailored concessions, design and maintenance, and a higher level of convenience for local passengers.”

Propeller will accept the award at the Council’s annual conference, P3Connect, in May.

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