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March 2019

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Darcy Cheesman, Legislative Aide 

#Finish522 Advocacy Day

Picture  of people in Olympia for Finish 522

On February 6th I joined several elected officials and Monroe citizens for #Finish522 Advocacy Day.  We had a great turnout and very productive meetings. I believe our legislators understand the importance of finishing this work and we will continue to push for funding this session.

Maltby Apartment Update

I have received several calls regarding the status of the apartments in the Maltby area. I reached out to the Executive’s office and they provided me an outline on the possible next steps on this project, which is listed below.  This project and process is handled on the Executive’s side of government within the Planning and Development Department.  The only time Council could or would potentially have a role in this decision is after the Hearing Examiner makes a decision. If the Hearing Examiner’s decision is appealed it would go to Council for a ruling.

Additional information about the project is available on the PDS project page:

Summary of the current status of the review of the development applications for the proposed Paradise Lake Road Garden Apartments:

Current Status

  • The applicant’s transportation engineer has had several meetings with the Department of Public Works and the Washington State Department of Transportation since September, 2018, to make sure that the applicant fully understands the detailed traffic review that was a part of the 2nd Review provided to the applicant in September.
  • As of February 28, 2019, the applicant has not resubmitted for a 3rd
  • The Planned Community Business Zone Site Plan Approval application (PDS file number 16-120252 SPA) expires on November 18, 2019, and cannot be extended (SCC 30.70.140).

Possible Next Steps

  • If the applicant resubmits for a 3rd Review, the department will conduct a detailed review of the revised documents.
  • Upon completion of the 3rd Review a “threshold determination” as required by the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) will be issued; examples of a threshold determination include “Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance” (MDNS) and “Determination of Significance” (DS).
  • If a DS is issued, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) would be required; the requirement for an EIS may be appealed to the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner.
  • If a MDNS is issued, a public hearing before the Hearing Examiner will be scheduled for the site plan approval. 
  • The MDNS can be appealed to the Hearing Examiner; if so, the appeal and the site plan approval will be heard in the same public hearing.
  • The Hearing Examiner will issue a Decision on the site plan approval (and appeal of the threshold determination, if one is filed).

The Decision of the Hearing Examiner can be appealed; this appeal would be heard by and ruled upon by the Snohomish County Council (SCC 30.72.070).

Latex Paint Recycling Rollout

Picture of Councilman Low and Executive Somers at Paint Recycling Center

In 2018 I worked to bring latex paint recycling back to Snohomish County.  I think it is important to give residents environmentally friendly options when disposing of unwanted latex paint.  Last Thursday Executive Somers and I officially took down the “Latex Paint Not Allowed” sign.  Snohomish County’s Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Station is located at 3434 McDougall Ave, Everett.  It is open Wednesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The facility takes cash, check, debit or credit card as payment. To learn more about the facility and what is accepted, visit  To recycle, residents should bring latex paint in its original container (partial cans of paint should not be combined). The paint will be recycled by a third-party partner, reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. The recycling fees are:

  • Containers one gallon and smaller:
    • 1-5 containers = $10
    • 6-10 containers = $20
    • 11-15 containers = $30
  • Five-gallon containers:
    • 1 containers = $10
    • 2 containers = $20
    • 3 containers = $30

Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year

Picture of Boys and Girls Club's Youth of the Year

I was honored to be part of the interview panel for the Snohomish County Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year.  We interviewed 16 outstanding teens and this year's winner was Ashley Gray.  Ashley has been a Cascade/Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club member since she was 6 years old and is currently a junior at Kings High School.  Ashley plans to study General Education at GCU (Grand Canyon University) after graduation.  At the club, Ashley is involved in summer camp, leadership, and she volunteers assisting younger members during her time off from school and basketball.

Snowstorm 2019

Picture of workcrew morning meeting about snowstorm

Wednesday the Council and Executive passed joint resolution 19-009 recognizing our County departments and their heroic efforts during this storm. I joined our Public Works staff at their 4 AM role call during the storm to extend my thanks and appreciation for all the work they do.  I am extremely proud of our team at Public Works, Human Services, and DEM for their round the clock work in plowing our roads, providing additional overnight housing and resources for our homeless residents and coordinating multiagency response efforts.  For future roads information, I have included a link to the Public Works snow and ice response page.  This resource shows the primary and secondary routes that are plowed in the County.

Kiwanis Club - Lake Stevens and Monroe

I was invited to the Lake Stevens and Monroe Kiwanis Clubs to talk about the partnerships the County has with each of these cities.  In both cities we have partnered on parks projects and advocacy for state route infrastructure improvements.  I continue to have regular meetings with all of our cities' leaders to discuss ways Snohomish County and cities can work together.

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