Snohomish County Executive News November 2017

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News from the County Executive

November 2017

Happy Holidays!

As you gather with family and friends for the holidays, I hope you’ll give thanks for all the hard-working public servants who will be on the job while we take time off. For every fire fighter, police officer, bus driver, wastewater treatment plant operator, corrections officer, traffic manager, air traffic controller, or other worker who will be keeping us safe and our communities running, we offer our most sincere thanks.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic 

One of the great things about working in local government is the ability to accomplish things for my fellow community members. We tend to talk a lot about what to do, but it is actually helping people that makes it all worthwhile. Every time we house someone who’s homeless or get someone into chemical dependency treatment or find another bed for behavioral health care assistance, we are easing the suffering of someone’s son or daughter, sister or brother. As a community, we have many debates about the best approach to tackling our most pressing issues. I have committed Snohomish County to using the best data-based approaches to our persistent problems. There are no simple, quick-fix answers but there are better and worse ways of treating our community’s diseases.

Earlier this month, I helped launch a new regional approach to the opioid epidemic. I have partially activated our emergency management mechanisms in order to better coordinate our response to the epidemic. With our many partners, including the Snohomish Health District and the Sheriff, we will now have a mechanism for improved collaboration and communications. This innovative approach has already helped us identify regional goals and objectives for the next year. We’ve also been able to have some conversations about cross-agency collaboration that we haven’t had before.

We are looking at a one-year time frame for this intensive focus, since we want to make sure we are having an impact. We will continue to keep the public updated about our progress. We can’t cure addiction but we can coordinate our response to improve how we fight the epidemic.

Communities of Faith in Snohomish County

On November 21, I held my first Communities of Faith roundtable. Snohomish County government touches on virtually every part of life. From our early childhood education activities, to issuing marriage licenses, to our medical examiner, county government is engaged in vital services. With our sheriff’s deputies and court system, we also keep all of our communities safe. All too often, we haven’t had enough dialogue with our communities of faith. Much like us, they are out in the community serving our residents not only with spiritual guidance but also delivering services. I organized a communities of faith roundtable to make sure we understood as a county where our work might intersect with faith-based work and how we might better accommodate the faith community.

I have also wanted to reach out to religious leaders who may have concerns. Whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh or other faith, we want to make sure we have open lines of communication. I will continue to have an open-door policy for everyone in our community

Dave Sommers

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