News from County Executive Somers: July 2017

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News from the County Executive

July 2017

Sustaining Snohomish County 

Like many of you, my first memories of Snohomish County are of its extraordinary beauty. The misty shores of Puget Sound, snow-capped peaks, powerful rivers, lush green forests, and fertile farmlands: these are the hallmarks of our home. I have learned through the years though that just because we have a beautiful and relatively clean environment doesn’t mean it will always be that way. As we grow into the future, we risk losing the things we love - our natural treasures.

I think it’s important to protect our natural heritage, not just because it is beautiful, but because we rely on our natural assets to keep our economy strong. One of the major reasons people move businesses here or are successful in recruiting top-notch workers is because of our environment. I am convinced that our economy and way of life would be greatly diminished if we lessened our work to keep and even improve our air, water and land.

I am committed to doing all I can as County Executive to keep our community clean and safe. I hope you’ll join me in this effort. If you want more information about our Puget Sound Initiative, please go here.


Dave Sommers

Dave Somers
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Honoring Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers in Snohomish County

In 2016, one hundred and forty-three police officers in the United States made the ultimate sacrifice and were killed in the line of duty. Every day, the men and women of our Sheriff’s office and local police departments work to keep us safe and our communities secure. In May, we honored our Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Corrections Officers for their selfless work for all of our residents by passing a joint resolution with the County Council.

We have prioritized public safety in Snohomish County because we know a safe and secure community is where people want to live, work, and play. We have also prioritized it because it is the right thing to do with limited resources. We will continue to partner with local law enforcement to provide the best possible service to our residents.

Snohomish County is very fortunate to have such dedicated men and women working to keep our communities safe.  

Snohomish County is Regional Leader

Snohomish County is making it into the headlines for our extraordinary growth—we are the second fastest growing county in the country—and our traffic. Obviously, growth and congestion are related and something that we must address.

In the last few months, I have taken over as the Chair of Sound Transit and the President of the Puget Sound Regional Council. By taking on these regional roles, I will be well positioned to help Snohomish County’s voice be heard in our debates about how to plan for growth, how to address congestion, and what we can do to ensure we are not paving over our bit of paradise. With an expected 200,000 more residents coming to Snohomish County in the next 20 years, we must both plan for the inevitable future growth, but also provide the services to keep our county livable and a wonderful place to visit.

In addition, I will be working hard to ensure Sound Transit in particular is undertaking the necessary reforms to execute their mission with the least resources possible.  I know that the taxes and fees approved by the voters for ST3 are a burden for many, and that each and every dollar is hard earned by a resident of the Sound Transit District.  In addition, with current funding uncertainties in Washington, D.C., it is more vital than ever that Sound Transit carefully use every tax dollar wisely, and that we deliver the regional transit system expected by our citizens.

As Executive, I will continue to fight for Snohomish County in regional venues, I will remain focused on my priorities: fiscal discipline, county reform, economic development, and smart environmental stewardship.