February is Black History Month, Excitement is Building with Light Rail, Fish Trap Returns to Bear Creek, and more

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Black History Month

February is Black History Month

In last week’s Council meeting, Mayor Birney proclaimed February as Black History Month in Redmond to celebrate African Americans and the many outstanding achievements and contributions that they have made in shaping our country, society, and communities. The observance also serves to acknowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the painful history African Americans have endured through their struggle for freedom and equality.

Read the proclamation

Light Rail Projects

Excitement is Building with Light Rail

The Sound Transit East Link extension, including the Redmond Technology and Overlake Village Stations in the Overlake neighborhood, opens next year. In 2024, the Downtown Redmond Link Extension will open and add two more light rail stations to Redmond, one in Marymoor Village and another in Downtown Redmond. These extensions will further increase accessibility to the City.

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Fish Trap

Fish Trap Returns to Bear Creek

The City of Redmond partnered with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Sound Transit, and Public Works and Parks crews worked to reinstall a fish trap on Bear Creek. The original fish trap was removed in 2021 to make room for the new Sound Transit bridge construction. The new fish trap, which is used to track juvenile salmon migration in Bear Creek, is located upstream from the Sound Transit crossing and is visible from Redmond Way bridge.

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Human Services Questionnaire

Seeking Input on the City’s Draft Human Services Strategic Plan

The City is updating its next Human Services Strategic Plan, a blueprint for building a more resilient community, together. Please review the draft plan and complete a short questionnaire to share your thoughts on the proposed values, priorities, and actions. 

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APS Signal

New Accessible Signal System

City of Redmond Traffic Operations Signal Crews replaced the standard pedestrian push buttons at the intersection of 185th Ave NE and Union Hill Road with a new Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) button system. In addition to the standard Walk/Don’t Walk display, the APS system provides pedestrians with non-visual information including audio signal, pushbutton locator tone, raised tactile arrow buttons, and more to improve safety and accessibility.

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