Press Release: Newly Elected Redmond City Councilmembers Sworn In

Press Release

Newly Elected Redmond City Councilmembers Sworn In

December 8, 2021

Jill E. Smith
Communications Manager

Redmond, WA – In a ceremony during last night’s Redmond City Council meeting, newly elected Redmond resident Melissa Stuart (Council Position No. 4), along with re-elected residents Steve Fields (Council Position No. 2) and Jeralee Anderson (Council Position No. 6), were officially sworn in. Their terms are effective January 2022 through December 2025.

Melissa Stuart, MNPL, is a non-profit leader working to improve the lives of children, youth, and families. She’s currently working on behalf of youth at Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. Her past work includes securing affordable access to behavioral healthcare for families at Youth Eastside Services, ensuring educational justice for youth in foster care at Treehouse, and more. Stuart is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, former board member at Zero Waste Washington, and previously served as a Redmond Library Trustee. Melissa grew up on the Kitsap Peninsula. She lives in Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood with her husband and stepson.

Steve Fields has lived in Redmond for more than 30 years. He worked across all functions of government in his positions at King County and the City of Seattle in the Executive offices. Fields guided elected officials on policy, budget, and operational improvements. He advised department heads and their staff to help the government perform better. Fields is also a Redmond small business owner with his wife.

Jeralee Anderson is the President/CEO and Co-founder of Greenroads Foundation, a Redmond nonprofit organization focused on sustainability education, performance management, and strategic programming for transportation capital projects. She received her doctorate in sustainability and civil engineering from the University of Washington in 2012 and is a licensed professional engineer. She currently represents the City as an alternate on the Cascade Water Alliance (CWA), and she serves as an Association of Washington Cities (AWC) representative on the State Public Works Board.

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Newly elected City Councilmembers Malisa Stuart, Steve Fields and Jeralee Anderson

Melissa Stuart, Steve Fields, and Jeralee Anderson / Photo Courtesy of City of Redmond