Redmond Seeks Volunteer Community Representatives for Independent Force Investigation Team-King County (IFIT-KC).

Police News Release

A Message from Redmond Police Chief Lowe

Jan.14, 2020

Dear Redmond Community Members,

In 2019, the state legislature passed the “Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act” (LETSCA). Part of LETSCA requires that all police uses of force that results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm be investigated completely independent of the involved agency.

The Redmond Police Department is working with our regional law enforcement partners to establish an independent investigation team which will be called the “Independent Force Investigation Team-King County” (IFIT-KC). IFIT-KC will investigate the use of police deadly force that occurs within Redmond and the jurisdictions of the partner agencies. The goal is to enhance accountability and increase transparency and trust between law enforcement and the community. The IFIT-KC conducts the investigation in the same manner as a criminal investigation. The IFIT-KC will consist of qualified and certified law enforcement investigators and at least two non-law enforcement community representatives (Community Representatives). The IFIT-KC will operate completely independently of any involved agency's administrative investigation to conduct criminal investigations of police use of deadly force incidents.


WAC 139-12 determines the scope of the non-law enforcement community representative’s participation. A minimum of two representatives who have credibility with and ties to communities impacted by police use of deadly force will be assigned to IFIT-KC during an activation to:

  1. Participate directly in the vetting, interviewing, and/or selection of the independent investigative team (IIT) investigators.
  2. Review conflict of interest statements submitted by the investigators within 72 hours of the commencement of each investigation.
  3. Be present at the briefings with the involved agency chief.
  4. Have access to the investigation file when it is completed.
  5. Be provided a copy of all press releases and communication to the media prior to release.
  6. Review notification of equipment use of the involved agency.

Per WAC 139-12-030, the non-law enforcement community representatives must sign a binding confidentiality agreement at the beginning of each police use of deadly force investigation that remains in effect until the prosecutor of jurisdiction either declines to file charges or the criminal case is concluded. If the confidentiality agreement is violated, the non-law enforcement representative may be subject to prosecution under RCW 9A.76.020, obstructing a law enforcement officer and chapter 10.97 RCW, Washington State Criminal Records Privacy Act.

Selection Criteria

  1. City of Redmond resident.
  2. Be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Submit a resume and letter of interest describing your background, community involvement and interest in serving as a community representative.
  4. Successfully pass a criminal records check (For Criminal Justice Information Services compliance) since the candidate will have access to law enforcement sensitive information and personal identifying information (PII).
  5. Must be willing to attend some basic training that may enhance basic knowledge of proper investigation protocols. Dates and times to be determined after selection.
  6. Able to meet the time and commitments required of the Non-Law Enforcement Community Representative position.

Selection Process

Applicants will participate in an interview with the Chief of police and Command personnel. The Chief of Police will present selected applicants to the Mayor for final approval. The final list of available community representatives will serve for a term of two-years, with yearly review and extension of assignment by the Chief of Police. This is an unpaid position. Participation on IFIT-KC is a voluntary position, and it does not receive a salary, hourly wage or benefits.


Selection Timeline

I invite all interested applicants to attend the virtual information session and to pre-submit questions

Jan. 21, 2021 at 2 p.m. - Virtual Information Session with the Chief

(email before January 19, to attend and to provide your questions)            

Jan. 22 to 29, 2021               Open Application Period

Feb. 4  and 5, 2021                 Virtual Interviews

Feb. 15, 2021                      Final Selections & Candidate Notifications                               

Resume and letter of interest must be received by January 29, 2021. Please send your application materials to Redmond Police Volunteer Coordinator Aggie Dennehy

You may also mail your application materials to: Note the deadline, please mail in sufficient time to be received.

Aggie Dennehy - PSPDA

Redmond Police Volunteer Coordinator

P.O. Box 97010

Redmond, WA 98073



Darrell Lowe

Chief of Police


Additional Resources

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