PRESS RELEASE: NE 40th Street Closed For 17 Days

Press Release

NE 40th Street Closed For 17 Days

August 3, 2020

Lisa Maher
Communications & Marketing Manager 

Redmond, WA – NE 40th Street, in Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood, will be closed for 17 days, 24-hours a day, from August 7 - 24 at the west side of the SR 520 on and off-ramps. The full closure of NE 40th Street will dramatically reduce the overall time needed for construction of the SR 520 Trail Grade Separation project. A traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle detour with all required signage and message boards will be in place.

The SR 520 Trail Grade Separation project will construct 900 feet of trail improvements, including the construction of a tunnel for the SR 520 Trail underneath NE 40th Street, new sidewalks, drainage system, illumination, and traffic signals. This project will increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists across the eight lanes of NE 40th Street on the SR 520 Trail by removing conflicts with vehicles. The project will also improve signal operations for vehicles and buses by reducing the number of pedestrian and bicycle crossings, and reduce delay for people walking and bicycling across NE 40th Street.

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