PRESS RELEASE: Eastbound 520 Ramp Split Complete This Week

Press Release

Eastbound 520 Ramp Split Complete This Week

May 6, 2019

Jackie Lalor, Communications & Marketing Supervisor

Redmond, WA – The Eastbound SR 520 Ramp Split, a months-long project which will add a new Eastbound 520 exit directly to NE 51 Street in place of the currently combined exit to NE 40 and 51 Streets, is expected to be complete this week. The City of Redmond’s contractor will work nights beginning Monday, May 6 and the dedicated off-ramp to NE 51 Street is anticipated to open on Thursday, May 9.

Construction began in September 2018 and went into a short winter shutdown until dry weather allowed for the final re-channelization.

This project is based on the ramp split concept implemented in 2015 along Westbound SR 520 at NE 51 and 40 Streets. That project has successfully reduced congestion compared to the old combined ramp exit.

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