PRESS RELEASE: City Seeks Preferences for Marymoor Village Design

Press Release

City Seeks Preferences for Marymoor Village Design

April 23, 2019

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – The community is invited to provide input on their design preferences for Marymoor Village, through an online visual preference survey available through May 3. The participation in the survey, paired with community input received at the Visioning Workshop in October 2018, will provide feedback to Redmond City Council for the creation of the Marymoor Village Design Guidance and Standards.

The purpose of the Design Guidance and Standards project is to provide a vision and guidebook for the qualities and characteristics of the architecture, urban design and public spaces within this neighborhood. This project will produce updated code standards for new development.

The goal for Marymoor Village is the creation of a community that is welcoming to people who live, work or visit the area, allowing the existing light manufacturing and distribution businesses to remain and grow. Existing uses are not required to change, but the overall character of the community will become livelier and more people-oriented as properties are redeveloped. The City’s vision and zoning regulations allow for Marymoor Village to develop over time to a neighborhood incorporating commercial, mixed-use, and multifamily development with a light rail station. The Council’s initial direction calls for design guidance that reflects the proximity of Marymoor Park, allows for eclectic, creative design, avoids repetition and sameness, and encourages flexibility and innovation.

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Photo courtesy of the City of Redmond