Share Feedback on Light Rail Extension to Redmond, Pet Waste, and Cardboard Recycling

Redmond City News
Map of Light Rail Extension in Redmond

Share Your Feedback on Light Rail Preliminary Design

Preliminary design for the light rail extension to Downtown Redmond is complete. Learn how community input was incorporated and share your feedback by completing a questionnaire by March 12.

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Cute dog on leash

Learn What You Can Do as a Pet Owner to Keep Redmond Clean

Did you know that pet waste contains harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella? Learn the importance of keeping this bacteria from washing down storm drains when it rains.

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Illustration of flattening a box

Please Recycle Flattened Cardboard

Recycled cardboard uses 24% less energy to make than new cardboard. Please remember to flatten your cardboard boxes and recycle them. Find out how and where to dispose of your recycling, compost and other waste properly.

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