PRESS RELEASE: City Accepting Proposals to Amend Comprehensive Plan

Press Release

City Accepting Proposals to Amend Comprehensive Plan

June 25, 2018

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – The City of Redmond invites any individual, business, or organization to submit applications for amendments to Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan and associated Zoning Code. Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, July 23, 2018, to be considered for inclusion in the plan’s 2018-19 amendment package.

The Comprehensive Plan establishes Redmond’s future vision and policy direction. It also guides decisions such as how property may be developed and where to direct investments in infrastructure. Zoning Code regulations are based on Comprehensive Plan policies. Some zoning designations cannot be changed without first amending the Comprehensive Plan.

Under state law, Redmond may update its Comprehensive Plan once per year. The first step in this process is for the City to invite people to identify proposed changes to the Zoning Code and the text or maps within the Comprehensive Plan. After the changes are identified, the Redmond Planning Commission will review and forward them to the City Council for final review and confirmation of the amendments list. After Council’s confirmation of the list, the proposed amendments are added to the Planning Commission’s work plan. Over the ensuing months, each one is scheduled for further study, public hearing and recommendation. The purpose of establishing this list is to coordinate proposed changes and to help the community track progress via the City website. 

There is no fee to apply for a Comprehensive Plan amendment or associated Zoning Code change. Applications must be submitted electronically and they are available at Consultation with City staff is required prior to submitting an application. 

For further assistance or questions about the Comprehensive Plan amendment contact Judy Fani, Senior Planner, at or 425-556-2406. For questions about this press release contact Lisa Maher, Communications Manager, at or 425-556-2427. This press release is available on