PRESS RELEASE: Idylwood Park Tree Removal and Restoration

Press Release

Idylwood Park Tree Removal and Restoration

May 16, 2018

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – In March and April of 2018, the City removed 14 of 30 cottonwood trees in Idylwood Park after a risk assessment identified the trees as a public safety hazard. Further tree removal is on hold due to an appeal process. Some areas of the park have limited access which is clearly marked with signage and fencing.

In the summer of 2017, two separate large limb failures resulted in injury to a park patron and damage to private property. After the failures, certified staff arborists conducted a visual tree risk assessment on all trees throughout the park and considered several factors, including tree health, defects, species, and location.

The Redmond community values our trees and we have programs in place to help protect this natural resource, but public safety is our top priority. The thirty cottonwood trees identified for removal due to potential safety hazards are in high use areas. Large trees will remain in natural areas along the waterfront away from these high use areas. 

Robust mitigation and urban forest enhancements have already been planned. In the first phase of the restoration process, 50-75 mixed evergreen and deciduous trees will be replanted in the areas where the cottonwoods were removed. The next phases of the restoration project will include 55-75 native shrubs and 100+ ground cover plants. 

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second tree limb failure from an Idylwood Park tree happened on the evening of August 27, 2017 causing damage to private property. Photo provided by the City of Redmond. 

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