PRESS RELEASE: City Council Considers Bike Share

Press Release

City Council Considers Bike Share

March 7, 2018

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – Redmond City Council is considering action on Mar. 20, which if approved, is anticipated to enable a bike share launch in May 2018. Bike share service would be provided by private companies via a city permit and would be provided at no cost to the city. 

Redmond’s Transportation Master Plan has long called for bike share service in order to help provide travel choices for residents, employees, and visitors.

City planners are developing recommendations for a permit that would allow a phased rollout of bike share, with the opportunity for expansion if the program is working well.

Issues being considered for the permit include:

  • Number of bikes to allow in Redmond
  • Ensuring bicycles are not a hazard and do not impede pedestrian mobility
  • Vendor responsiveness to public questions and issues

A minor municipal code amendment is necessary to issue the permit. This amendment will be brought to City Council via an ordinance for adoption on Mar. 20, 2018.

For questions about bike share, visit or contact Buff Brown, Senior Transit Planner, or 425-556-2870. 

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