Learn what happened at PESB's July board meeting


August 26, 2019

This newsletter provides key updates and policy changes that were presented at the July board meeting. See additional actions and annotations from this meeting.

In this issue...

Changes made to ESA certification

Educational staff associates (ESAs) play a vital role in serving our students. At the July 2019 board meeting, PESB approved several changes to ESA certification policy. 


Policy changes include: 

  • New ESA certificate: School behavior analyst
  • Suicide prevention training
  • Certificate renewal
  • Moving from first to second tier licensure
  • Professional transitions to public schools ESA course

Learn about these changes on our website.

Changes made to clock hour policy

Clock hours are a unit of currency for continuing education. They can be used to obtain and renew certificates for Washington teachers, administrators, educational staff associates (ESAs), and are now used in the paraeducator certificate program.


PESB convened a work group in 2019 to review Washington clock hour policy. At the July 2019 board meeting, PESB approved changes to clock hour policy based on the workgroup’s recommendations. Recommendations focused on flexibility and access, streamlining the system, and accountability.


What were the workgroup focus areas?

  • Flexibility and access for all educators seeking professional learning, including consideration of rural and urban areas, and educators in all roles
  • Streamlining the system: Examining the system for unnecessary, duplicative, or overly burdensome processes
  • Accountability: For clock hour providers, participants, and other individuals and organizations in the system
  • Standards for clock hours

Learn about these changes on our website.

Basic skills assessment requirement

Board members reviewed and approved initial consideration to WAC regarding the basic skills assessment requirement. We anticipate that the Board may review the proposed amendment at the September board meeting.

edTPA student voice rubrics

The Board approved to delay edTPA Student Voice (SV) rubrics becoming consequential until Fall 2020. PESB board members hope this decision will allow enough time to conduct further research on SV consequentiality and/or elimination of the SV rubrics in edTPA . The passing score will continue to be 40 until Fall 2020 (34 for World/Classical Language).


Clock hours for paraeducator certificate related activities

The Board approved rules that designate the paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study, ELL Subject Matter Certificate, and Special Education Subject Matter Certificate as activity-based clock hours. This means paraeducators can earn state-approved clock hours for these trainings, which are provided by school districts or other organizations. There will be no clock hour fees associated with these trainings.


New definition approved for occupational experience

The Board approved a new definition of occupational experience for CTE certificates. Occupational experience must be documented industry experience in the CTE area, either paid or unpaid, in the past ten years. There is no change to the number of hours required.

New standards approved for CTE preparation programs

The Board approved new standards for CTE teacher and CTE director preparation programs. These program standards include seven domains.

Professional learning grants are now available

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) is offering up to six $15,000 grants to support educator learning through professional growth plans (PGPs). Each grantee will be required to support at least 20 educators completing PGPs in a learning community. 


Who may apply? 

Washington state school districts, ESDs, approved clock hour providers, and Washington higher education institutions.

Upcoming board meetings

  • September 26-27 at ESD 101 in Spokane
  • November 14-15 at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver
  • January 16-17 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Olympia

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